The Daily Self-Care Routine You Need to Do This Winter

The Daily Self-Care Routine You Need to Do This Winter

Winter means shorter days and longer nights. This can seem like we’re racing against time, trying to get things done when there’s still light. This lack of sunlight is also known to cause Seasonal Affective Disorder, sometimes called winter depression.


And since we can’t control the weather, we can always choose to care for ourselves and one another throughout this cold season. Taking a few moments to reconnect with ourselves can make a big difference in how we feel (and sending a self-care box to someone else feels even better!). Here’s a little morning-to-night self-care routine you can follow to help bid the winter blues adieu:




Hydrate yourself more than usual, especially on those cold and extra dry mornings. We can easily get dehydrated during colder days because we tend to overlook our water intake, though your body needs just as much water as it does in summer.


Likewise, our skin gets dehydrated in winter too and this can also contribute to unwanted wrinkles and acne. Apply a Serum with Vitamin C and don’t forget a deeply hydrating eye cream. We recommend the Platone Active Manuka Honey Eye Cream.




Go for a walk during lunch time while the sun is up. Sun exposure is still necessary and helps us maintain a healthy mind but don’t forget sunscreen, even during cloudy winter days! And as soon as you’re done with work or other commitments, you could simply turn the tap on for a nice warm shower or bath. Pop in a Bar Of Hope Bath Bomb for a luxurious soak time. Though, don’t stay in the bath or shower for too long, especially if you have the heat up on full blast. Too much hot water causes increased evaporation of your skin's natural hydration.




After your bath or before bed, we highly recommend a body lotion or body oil in winter. It will help nourish dehydrated skin and if you have an extra 10 minutes a Bee Venom Mask is a great way to send your skin off to sleep ready to do the hard yards while you dream sweetly.


Drink your favourite tea before or after dinner. It is such a nice and mindful thing to do. Plus, not only does it keep you warm, but it also contributes to getting your drink count up. Go the extra mile and arrange a nice tea tray, with a lovely tea set and some biscuits. It really adds to the winter self-care vibe.


Right before going to bed, spritz, roll on or prepare your favourite relaxing essential oil blend for a simple aromatherapy before laying down to hibernate. Essential oils, especially lavender helps improve sleep for you to tackle another cold, wintery day!



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