The best collagen boosters for bouncy skin

The best collagen boosters for bouncy skin

Collagen helps form the building blocks for bouncy skin. The beauty buzzword comes from the Greek word kólla, which means glue. It is basically the main structural protein that connects our body parts so we don’t fall apart.

But despite the fact that collagen constitutes up to 40% of our overall body composition and 75% of our skin, its production starts tanking in our mid-20s. Your skin becomes thinner, dehydrated and loses its structure due to the lack of collagen.

Thankfully, there are products proven to ramp up collagen production due to the powerful skincare ingredients they carry. Here are some of our recommendations:

ByNature Vitamin C & Collagen Brightening Gel Booster Capsule

This is an essential collagen-enhancing VIP to invite into your bathroom cabinet! Similar to a face mask, each capsule is single use and will provide a concentrated boost of vitamin C to help encourage firmer, plumper and hydrated skin. Vitamin C not only induces enzymes important for the production of collagen but can also help to protect skin from oxidative stress that triggers collagen breakdown. By lowering free radicals in the skin directly, vitamin C helps the skin to maintain its elasticity, resilience and collagen levels.

Nudi Point 100% PURE Organic Rosehip Oil

For centuries, rosehip has been a natural beauty essential for gorgeous, glowing skin. Rosehips are sourced from the fruit of wild rose plants and are rich in vitamin E, C and A, the ultimate anti-ageing trifecta that also supports collagen production. According to studies, rosehip oil also contains galactolipid, which stimulates the growth and restoration of collagen in our body.

Lemon & Beaker Dual-Blend Repairing Serum with Rose Essential Oil

This award-winning dual-blend serum is jam-packed with ingredients that stimulate collagen production. There’s rose essential oil in the oil layer, along with meadowfoam seed oil, carrot seed oil, sunflower seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and rosehip oil that work to fight free radicals and restore skin firmness and elasticity. The water-based blend includes niacinamide (vitamin B3), which increases dermal collagen production and slows the bonding of glucose and proteins in the skin that lead to cross-linked molecules such as cross-linked collagen. While collagen itself gives the skin elasticity, cross-linked collagen molecules are stiff and rigid and therefore, reduce the skin’s elasticity.

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