Teaching the next generation about self-care...

Teaching the next generation about self-care...

Are we teaching them that we have to juggle it all, people please, ask for no help, and to keep going even when we are exhausted and need a break? 

Or are we teaching them that sometimes mum needs to put herself first!

This is not a guilt trip, this is the reality my life before MyTreat. I had a small daughter and my entire existence revolved around her, my husband, and my house.

MyTreat products provided an opportunity to shut the bathroom door, and escape for 15 minutes a few times throughout the month, and indulge my body which was something that I really had not given a thought to. And not in a beauty way, but in a self-love, self-nourishment style of care that I definitely needed. 

Pictured: Sophie helping to build the table that all the MyTreat boxes for other mums and women around NZ are (still) packed on!

As Sophie is growing into a little girl, it has been fun to discover the products together with her, and it brings out a new element of these boxes that I didn’t even know was going to exist. There’s still a lot of time just for me packed in there, but doing a facemask with Sophie, or doing a wee foot scrub is such a nice girly time! Not to mention our mani pedi sessions!  

When she grows into a young woman, I will teach her what I have learnt about natural products. The brands that I have discovered along the way will be the ones that I choose to introduce you to. Even as far as cosmetics because I know that’s a conversation I won’t be able to steer forever, and what we put on to our skin is so important. I want to teach her about the difference between choosing a big international brand and products made here in New Zealand, and what that means for everyone in Aotearoa when we can include more locally sourced products in our lives.  


And when she is has left home I will follow MyTreat subscriber Sharanne's lead and build gift boxes to send to her...

“I've raised my 19 yr old and she's gone to university this year and it's now my time to go ahead and pour back into myself and give myself a few hidden treasures...which is how I discovered MyTreat and it's been an absolute delight to look forward to & receive each month. Currently, I'm doing some administration from home and offering some volunteering for such organisations as "Dress for Success" & the PINK Ribbon street appeal whilst getting my business ready to be launched into NZ. It's such a pick-me-up when I get to enjoy whenever I open up the MyTreat boxes and share this with family and friends and even give one to my daughter for her birthday. It's just such a wonderful and economical way to experience and enjoy all these fabulous products that I probably wouldn't either know about or maybe even get access to. So thank you HUGELY for such an AMAZING TREAT :)"

As well teaching my children that sometimes Mum just needs some time out, and Dad is perfectly capable of holding down the fort, or if he's not around I’m fine with some screen time too (dare I say it out loud 😂), I’m teaching them it’s OK to indulge in treats, and make yourself a priority.

Looking after ourselves shouldn’t be optional, MyTreat boxes were designed so that you could do it affordable way, but you don’t need these boxes to take care of yourself. My mission has always been to build a community of woman that recognise the importance and the need to treat themselves, and to not feel guilty about it at all. Whether you’re a subscriber, you follow our social feed, or you just visit our website every now and then, it’s demanding for mums out here at the moment and we want to provide a place where you can come and get reminded that you deserve to treat yourself. However that looks for you! 

This months Body Plus Box and Body Luxe Boxes have this sweet duo inside that I know Sophie will be all over. We are heading away for a few days and I'll be taking my August Adventure box with me so we can have a pamper session with these, I'll be sure to show off our results on social! 

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