Subscription Box Hero: Beauty Tofu

Subscription Box Hero: Beauty Tofu

Are you a warrior, a yogi, vegan, or a conscious green girl? Are you a mother, daughter, or sister? This vegan skincare brand is all about creating beauty from the inside out with self-love and good vibes, and we are so excited to introduce it to you because after a few solid months of testing the products, we know you’re gonna LOVE it! <<SUBSCRIBE TO JANUARY BOXES HERE>>

A powerful combination of natural, and highly effective formulations and a genuine passion for helping people, has allowed owner and founder Mel (pictured below) to foster a devout following of loyal Beauty Tofu lovers. The results are significant, and with an organic approach to her marketing as well as her ingredients, as word has spread about their results, her brand has taken off.

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From Mel's kitchen to local markets, to women’s centres in Cambodia, the development of these natural and effective skincare products included a team of Ayurvedic Doctors, an inspiring and supportive manufacturer, 15 years of research around the globe, and a strong-minded, passionate woman driving the project. Beauty Tofu is a brand inspired not only by beautiful skin, but self-love and nature, and it has been born out of a very organic process. “I’m blown away by all of the feedback from our customers, who are generally reviewing our brand with comments like...Amazing...My skin has never been better....These are the best products I have ever used.... Feedback from our tribe really drives me to give Beauty Tofu all of my love.”

The first of our 2022 Beauty Tofu treats includes the Tip to Toe Temple Detox which has to be tried to be fully understood. Powerful as a mask, or as an internal detox... the best news is we have a whole lot more planned with Beauty Tofu this year, including the perfect partner to your Temple Detox, the Collagen Wand is coming to you in February. A long-lasting skincare essential, the Collagen Wand can be used over and over again. It will leave your face tingling for hours… and that’s when you know its working. This prickly little tool stimulates the lower layers of the skin, which will in turn regenerate your collagen production and activate cell renewal. It is one you will have to trust us on and give it a shot because the sensation is unusual, but it doesn’t hurt and your skin will seriously love you for it. The collagen wand helps to correct uneven skin tone, bumps, wrinkles, roseaca, scars and stretch-marks.

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The Temple Cleanse Detox has the power to cleanse and revive you, instantly revealing fresher skin when used as a mask, and offering a sweet internal detox either in a smoothie or added to your favourite superfood bowl. It is the perfect treat to use once or twice a week to improve skin imperfections and flush the toxins and impurities from our bodies. This amazing powder is the first of its kind inside our MyTreat boxes and it is truly an honour to showcase the Beauty Tofu range, the products retail for between $54 and $89 so there is great value for our customers. The only way a brand can cover their costs and make sales as a result of being involved with MyTreat, is if the products truly work. These beautifully packaged, skincare treats offer the highest quality ingredients and impressive (& literally instant) outcomes. Mel is so confident in the results of her products she is willing to offer us these amazing products for you to try.

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Beauty Tofu is focused on harnessing the power of nature to improve our complexions and leave our skin glowing as nature intended it. “Nature has enough to offer in the way of cleansing and solutions for our skin, I also don’t believe there is absolutely any need to use animal products on our skin as well as most importantly knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of our products”. Mel has created an impressive range that is not only natural but “active, nurturing, and that created a sense of well-being”.

MyTreat boxes featured Beauty Tofu back in 2018 and they were one of the most loved brands we have included to date. 

"I tried the Beauty Tofu Collagen Induction Wand as soon as I got My Treat pack. First thoughts were wow my skin is tingly, not a sore tingly but a refreshed one. When looking in the mirror my skin looked fresh and naturally glowing, my cheeks rosie like I had just applied a bit of blush. I’m sold on this little device and am looking forward to trying out the T3 Tip to Toe."

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