Style-inspired confidence with Silver Sparrow Jewellery

Style-inspired confidence with Silver Sparrow Jewellery

Another exciting reason to love October Glow Boxes... Candice from Silver Sparrow wanted to create a range that would allow women to purchase some beautiful and stylish jewellery without having to spend hundreds of dollars. “When life is busy, or budgets are tight sometimes we find it hard to justify buying treat items for ourselves, so Silver Sparrow was born out of wanting to be able to buy ourselves or our friends a few “pretties’ without breaking the bank.  I wanted to create a brand that offered good quality, on trend but affordable jewellery.”

And on trend it is, with cute pieces that compliment any look and that everyone can pull off. The Bird Necklaces are the perfect addition to our October Glow Boxes because they’re simple but stylish and add a little glow to what is already beautiful on the inside and out. Candice runs her business from home, she loves managing and making Silver Sparrow Jewellery, and juggles it with motherhood of two little boys. With lots of small shiny things around her office, she has had a few funny moments along the way.  “One day I walked in on my 5 year old son wrapping up a bunch of necklaces for his aunt, his ‘pet’ dinosaur and his brother.  It was very sweet but it took me ages to unknot the bunch of necklaces he’d lovingly prepared!  Needless to say it’s a bit of a juggle but it works well...”

Sometimes a piece of pretty jewellery is all we need to help us feel a little bit glam on a down day, but it is also the perfect accompaniment to a box that is all about getting excited for the summer ahead. As we go into the festive season, we will no doubt have a few special events, maybe it’s a wedding, the races or your work Christmas party, and we thought it would be nice to send you a little treat for yourself. While the movies might make out like men head off to Tiffany’s on the reg, it’s seems more likely that our mothers or friends will buy us jewellery, so this is a little gift from Silver Sparrow, and us, to you. It is our hope that when you wear it you will feel empowered with a little style-inspired confidence.

Motivated by a desire to create beautiful and affordable jewellery and keep her amazing customers happy. Candice works really hard to look after them every day, she believes in treating people how she would like to be treated and always provides efficient communication, awesome service, and consistently delivers a great product… “it’s basically doing exactly what we say we would do and then aiming for a bit more on top of that”.

Silver Sparrow loves being able to support charities that encourage and empower other woman and have been involved with supporting One Mother to Another and Everlasting.  One Mother to Another (OMTA) is dear to our hearts and helps mothers with children in NICU/hospital by providing care packages for mums/carers in their most vulnerable times. It was such a joy to be able to provide earrings for the care packages and we look forward to working with OMTA in the future. 

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Candice’s words of wisdom for women wearing the Silver Sparrow Bird Necklaces

“Laugh often even if it’s just at yourself! Be kind, especially to yourself.  Look for the silver lining in everything - there is usually one there and if not... look for the Silver Sparrow website: “

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Received the beautiful blue earings in one of my treat boxes my most super fav

Joy Ritchie

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