Steep Up: The Dance Of Blooming Tea Balls By Better Tea Co

Steep Up: The Dance Of Blooming Tea Balls By Better Tea Co

Tamarin Howse, based in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand, established Better Tea Co in 2020. Her own experience with anxiety inspired her to create teas targeting mental health. Her aim was to encourage yarns around anxiety while incorporating ingredients known for their soothing effects.

That's why we're included Better Tea Co’s exquisitely crafted Individual Blooming Tea Balls in our February 2024 box. So you can have a yarn with friends while practicing self-love and care.

Imagine this: A beautiful glass teapot, the sun's last rays dancing through the window, and the enchanting spectacle of a Blooming Tea Ball gracefully blossoming by the minute.

Each ball is a botanical ballet, meticulously handcrafted with the finest tea leaves and blooms, creating an enchanting visual love affair as it unfurls.

Each beautiful ball blend generously offers 8-10 cups of lovely tea, a perfect refreshing companion to your end-of-summer soirée.

Created from premium-quality teas and botanicals directly sourced from cherished family-owned farms, these teas brim with antioxidants. Plus, they are GMO-free, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free, delivering a healthy and gratifying experience without any guilt.

Sink into the self-love steeped in every sip! Allow these blooming tea balls to accompany you on a visual and tasteful journey that nourishes your body and soul. It's not just about tea; it's about savouring life's moments, one cup at a time. Embrace the sereni-tea and relish in the beauty of self-love.

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