Spring Clean Your Eyes With Tailor's 'Awaken' Brightening Eye Cream

Spring Clean Your Eyes With Tailor's 'Awaken' Brightening Eye Cream

The creation of Tailor's Awaken Brightening Eye Cream was a true eye-opener.

With every query posed to the dedicated Auckland-based team regarding coveted additions to their skincare rituals, one resounding request echoed loudly: An eye cream that would truly shine.

However, crafting this gem required meticulous dedication. The team embarked on a quest to source the perfect blend of cruelty-free and natural ingredients. And within Tailor HQ, an unrelenting fascination with caffeine flourished, transcending the realms of a cup of coffee alone. What emerged was the astonishing realisation of caffeine's potent prowess for skin transformation.

Imagine caffeine as a skin magician—a vasoconstrictor that delicately calms your skin by reducing blood flow. This remarkable quality bestows the power to soothe inflammation, make under-eye bags and puffiness go poof, and conquer persistent redness. But the hocus pocus doesn't end there. Caffeine's prowess also extends to bolstering blood circulation, diminishing the appearance of under-eye discoloration.

To weave an even more enchanting spell, they've seamlessly blended caffeine's charms with the hydrating brilliance of Hyaluronic Acid. To top it all off: A dash of responsibly sourced Golden Mica was added for a hint of delicate shimmer, transforming the cream into a true powerhouse formula.

It's time to spring clean your eyes with this transformative eye cream. Available in all our September subscription boxes, including the wonderful Wellness Box.

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