SPOILERS: Unboxing The May 2024 'Mental Health' Wellness Box

SPOILERS: Unboxing The May 2024 'Mental Health' Wellness Box

It's Mother's Day! And seeing as May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, we made sure to pack treats in this month's Wellness Box that are perfect for sharing and bonding with each other during this important day and month.

Lift Your Mood

Get ready to whisk away your worries and stir up some serious smiles with the delicious delight that is Flour & Dough's Chewy Chocolate Brownie Mix. Baking brownies isn't just about indulging your sweet tooth; it's about creating memories that stick like chocolate on a spoon.

And while you’re waiting for the brownie to bake, why not slap on Moana's Instant Lifting Mask and let the luxury mask lift you up like a tide of tranquility!

Cleanse Your Soul

While a cleanser or a soap is an everyday essential, we believe that every little detail matters! Prioritising skincare should feel like a pamper always, even if you are just washing your face in the morning before running out the door. But with Velvet Ash's Rose Geranium Facial Cleanse, make every wash a rosy-cheeked affair!

Brighten Your Space

Downlights' Rose Scented Tea Light Gift is here to illuminate and change the ambiance of your self-care sessions or social gatherings. And let's not forget about the charming gift box, making this feel like a present within a present. The box can be reused to hold all your little treasures or spreading joy by re-gifting it to someone special. Brighten your space or brighten someone’s day—it’s your choice.

Here's the full list of items in this month's MyTreat Wellness Box:

🏋🏻‍♀️ Moana - Instant Lifting Mask (RRP $169.00)
🌹 Velvet Ash - Rose Geranium Facial Cleanser (RRP $39.00)
🍫 Flour & Dough - Chewy Chocolate Brownie Mix (RRP $12.99)
🪔 Downlights - Rose-Scented Tea Light Gift (RRP $5.00)
🧼 Mato - Hemp Wash Bar (RRP $4.00)

$224.99 worth of wellness treats this month for only $78 or $67.50 if you pre-pay, including shipping! Get yours now!

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