SPOILERS: Unboxing The February 2024 'Self-Love' Wellness Box

SPOILERS: Unboxing The February 2024 'Self-Love' Wellness Box

Why deny yourself the allure of self-care? Show yourself some love with this month's Wellness Box filled with products dedicated to nurturing the soul and evoking self-appreciation.

Love Your Skin

Begin your self-love journey by caring for your biggest organ. Arture's Microdermabrasion Cream, a luxurious spa-grade treatment, promises regal skincare right at your fingertips while Linden Leaves' 'In Love Again' Hand Cream will make you fall in love again with taking care of your hands. 

Love Your Stomach

You know what they say: The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So go on and treat yourself with some yummy goodies. Off-Piste Provisions's Plant-Based Topper isn't just a flavourful snack, it’s a nutritious and wholesome treat for your insides. Packed with protein, add it to your tacos, salads, or pizza for a delightful and nourishing twist. Better Tea Co's Individual Blooming Tea Balls add a touch of grace and tranquility to your teatime. This beautiful tea is guaranteed to woo the eyes, soul and tastebuds.

Love Your Surroundings

In assembling this box, we aimed for the ultimate self-care experience. A luxurious skincare essential? Check! Delicious treats and sips? Double-check! So, what was missing? An ambient touch. Enter a premium, beautifully scented candle. Kash from Skye Candle & Body Care has made full-sized, premium candles exclusively for our cherished Wellness Box subscribers. Each candle holds a surprise; Kash has curated her most beloved fragrances for you to explore and enjoy your scent-ual surroundings.

Here's the full list of items in this month's MyTreat Wellness Box:

🍃 Arture - Resurfacing Microdermabrasion Cream (RRP $125.00)
🍃 Off-Piste Provisions - Plant-Based Toppers (RRP $6.90)
🍃 Linden Leaves - 'In Love Again' Hand Cream (RRP $27.99)
🍃 Better Tea Co - Individual Blooming Tea Balls X2 (RRP $9.98)
🍃 Skye Candle and Body Care - Loofah Soap (RRP $9.90)
🍃 Skye Candle and Body Care - Premium Candle (RRP $44.90)
🍃 Sensori+ - Mystery Gift (RRP $60.00+)

$284.76 worth of wellness treats this month for only $78, including shipping! Get yours now!

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