SPOILERS: Unboxing The April 2024 'Sweet Dreams' Wellness Box

SPOILERS: Unboxing The April 2024 'Sweet Dreams' Wellness Box

This April, embrace the gift of restful sleep. Dim the lights, unwind, and let the soothing scents and luxurious textures you’ll find in this month’s Wellness Box guide you towards a night of sweet dreams.

Smell The Scents To Sleep

Transform your bedtime routine with a combination of soothing scents from various products. Start by using the super versatile Lavender Face Hydrosol Toner by Skye Candle & Body Care, which doubles as a spray for your pillows and room. You can then use Linden Leaves' Absolute Dreams Body Oil, also infused with lavender and other essential oils, for a luxurious massage before bed. Let these gentle aromas envelop you as you prepare for a restful night's sleep.

Sip The Syrup To Sleep

Eden Orchards' Cherry Juice brims with natural melatonin, a hormone crucial for regulating sleep-wake cycles. This delightful beverage serves as a potent ally in your quest for restful nights, gently guiding you into a deeper, more rejuvenating slumber.

Soothe The Skin To Sleep

Ease tension and promote relaxation with a combination of soothing products. Start by applying Evolu's Skin Rescue Soothing Eye Gel to reduce puffiness and refresh tired eyes. Follow it up with Nudi Point's Joint & Muscle Relief Spray, targeting areas of tension with its blend of essential oils. Finish off your bedtime routine with Bees Brilliance's Overnight Mask, providing deep hydration and nourishment to your skin as you sleep.



Here's the full list of items in this month's MyTreat Wellness Box:

🤩 Evolu - Skin Rescue Soothing Eye Gel (RRP $54.99)
💦 Skye Candle & Body Care - Lavender Face Toner (RRP $18.90)
🍒 Eden Orchards - Pure Cherry Juice x2 (RRP $8.00)
💪 Nudi Point - ‘Damage Control’ Joint & Muscle Relief Spray (RRP $24.00)
🌙 Bees Brilliance - Overnight Mask (RRP $44.99)
😴 Linden Leaves - ‘Absolute Dreams’ Body Oil (RRP $27.99)

$178.87 worth of wellness treats this month for only $67.50 if you've prepaid annually! Get yours now!

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