Small box business meets big beauty brand...

Small box business meets big beauty brand...

We have always been enthusiastic about making sure MyTreat boxes feature well known and well loved brands, as well as emerging beauty companies, and Kiwi entrepreneurs making their way into the skincare industry. Late last month I had the opportunity to meet with the team at Lanocorp who make By Nature Skincare, Rata & Co, and Lanocreme and it was incredible! Theirs is a big business, and from my home here in quiet Central Otago, I made the trip to the big smoke of Christchurch and felt like a deer in the headlights seeing this colossal operation.

It was impressive to see just how much demand they have generated for their products, and interesting to learn more about the opportunities for MyTreat customers throughout the rest of this year. By ensuring a good mix and working closely to feature all the companies that help bring these beautiful treat boxes to life, we can make sure our customers know not only about the products they use on their faces, and bodies, but the interesting stories behind these exciting brands.

Lanocorp was started in the 80's and quickly established itself as an iconic New Zealand company, after a tumultuous few years in the early 2000's, the original owner bought it back and hand selected the team who were going to drive the business forward and make it the success it is today. What we dont always realise, is that by having successful brands this big here in New Zealand, the access to high quality, natural products is improved. What does this mean for consumers? Affordability, a higher standard of ingredients, and really good quality New Zealand skincare representing us on the world stage in mass numbers. By Nature chooses to be paraben free, and has no colour additives, no phthalates and no propylene glycol in any of their products, which makes it good for all skin types. The team are responsive to the market and positive feedback from their customers has seen the range of products available, and their production quantities reach new levels in recent years.

Any fiercely loyal Kiwi will tell you NZ made products are superior. Because Lanocorp manufacture in-house, they are able to purchase the highest quality ingredients possible, which means only the best of the best leaves their factory floor. An example of their unparalleled value is their high grade essential oils. By Nature Essential Oils are naturally extracted for higher molecule count and can be used for therapeutic treatment as well as a beautiful and uplifting fragrance for your home or office. Humble about their approach to marketing, they are keen to let the products speak for themselves, and are growing their domestic market share largely by word of mouth, which is why MyTreat boxes are a great place for their products.

In the future Lanocorp will be manufacturing and distributing more exciting brands and continue developing skincare we can all be proud of, both here at home and for the 3,000,000 units per year heading off shore. We are excited to include another ByNature favourite inside March boxes. The Peppermint and Aloevera foot balm is the perfect hydration for your hardest working body part, and ideal for application after exfoliating even the toughest feet. If you are an existing customer you will no doubt already be familiar with this great New Zealand brand, and if you do need to top up your collection you can head over to and see what they have in stock.

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