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Sirius Skincare

This month we are focusing on sleep, so we went on the hunt for some natural, NZ made products that will aid you in having a deep, satisfying sleep. After looking into typical sleep obstacles, we found hormones and environment play a huge part in getting a good nights rest, so when we came across these two Sirius Skincare products; the 'Sweet Dreams' Room & Pillow Spray, and the 'Hormonal Balance' Roll-on, we knew they would be perfect! Both made with pure essential oils and natural ingredients, these are staples for your bedside table to help you sleep. You may also remember Sirius Skincare from the October 2020 Glow box, as we featured their divine coffee scrub that everyone loved! Sirius Skincare was created by the gorgeous Debra Heather, and after hearing her story, you will fall in love with this awesome kiwi business just as we have.
Debra sirius skincare
Debra's journey into skincare began due to her own personal discomfort, anxiety and severe pain due to endometriosis - an incurable disease affecting 1 in 10 women. Endometriosis is a estrogen-driven condition that causes pain and inflammation in and around the uterus, and because parabens mimic estrogen, finding paraben-free products and foods are necessary in keeping hormone levels balanced and symptoms at bay. 
Debra struggled to find products that were completely paraben-free, stating; "I’d buy different all-natural products, some helped, but many were not as natural as they claimed. I also began to eat more organic and raw foods. It didn’t take long for me to see a connection between what I ate and how I felt. I became more cognizant of what soaps, creams, oils and lotions I put on my body." After experiencing her personal health rebirth thanks to a better diet and a clearer understanding on how what we put in and on our bodies affects us on a cellular level, she decided to study herbalism. 

"Consistency, a good ‘can-do’ attitude, and a healthy dose of warmth will take you far. Oh, and always take the time to read the label.”

- Debra

Previous to finding her passion in herbalism, Debra had been working at a desk job, unsatisfied and feeling unfulfilled, yearning to do something she truly believed in. Now Debra is a certified herbalist, working alongside her husband/business partner Daniel, who helped her realize her dream - to make only pure sustainably sourced 100% plant, flower and mineral derived products to their customers, for others who suffer from conditions like endometriosis, pms symptoms, fibromyalgia and hormone imbalances or for anyone searching for all-natural skincare alternatives. Debra has found a huge positive response to this, and loves "when customers reach out to us and tell us how they've incorporated our products into their lifestyles."  All of Debra and Daniels creations are produced in their own apothecary in Riverhead, New Zealand. They do everything themselves, from label design, printing, developing & producing products from scratch, sourcing local ingredients to social media marketing.
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Debra found her passion in working in the apothecary and formulating exciting new products, and now the Sirius Skincare store continues to expand, with interesting, natural self-care solutions. 
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Debra has had a fair share of struggles, but has used her battles in fueling her passion and now helping others! Her advice to you - "Be nice to everyone. Be kind and grateful. There are a lot of talented people in the world, and if you’re working, you are lucky. Consistency, a good ‘can-do’ attitude, and a healthy dose of warmth will take you far. Oh, and always take the time to read the label.”
If you got all the warm fuzzies after reading this, you aren't alone! It's always so awesome to read an inspiring business start-up story, and in the spirit of supporting local, (especially at this time) head over to the Sirius Skincare website to check out all of the interesting, natural goodies to aid you with hormone issues, sleep, brain fog, scrubs and other awesome self-care solutions. Plus, get a 15% off discount on all products before the 30th of April with the code 'MYTREAT15'.

"I’m in awe! Within a few weeks of using it every day, for the first time in years, I felt less bloated overall and had less menstrual symptoms inc pain and cramps. I’m excited to continue using this product to see what longer term effects it will have."


Estrogen Balance Essential Oil Roller



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