September's Luxury Escape

September's Luxury Escape

This month indulge and recoup with our incredible September Luxury Escape Box. With everything happening around the world, we know spending time with loved ones and taking care of our mental health is so important. So this month we wanted to provide an escape, whether that means closing yourself away and dedicating time to relax and escape life for a little while, or, if you are able to get away, taking time to explore our beautiful country with some friends or family. This box is full of incredibly luxurious, hand-picked products that you can take with you, so you can dedicate time for a little self-love and pampering away from home or just the rest of the world.

Pack your travel bag with the lovely Linden Leaves hair & body travel pack for ultimate luxury on your next getaway. The wonderful shampoo and conditioner will help cleanse, smooth and add shine,  made with essential oils of rosemary, cypress, almond, aloe and melon, so you can keep your hair luscious and healthy whilst you’re away. The decadent body wash and lotion will keep skin hydrated and nourished with the properties of olive, chamomile, almond and kiwi for gentle cleanse and hydration. Each and every one of these products will guarantee an escape for you whether you can get away or not.

We have been trying to get our hands on a high-quality retinol product for a while now, due to the amazing benefits retinol provides for the skin and since everyone loves the luxury that Arture products bring, we thought it would be the perfect serum to fracture this month in the Luxury Escape Box!

 Rejuvenate your skin with the incredible Arture Retinol Youth Preserve. This serum is liquid gold, typically retailing for $69.99, because of its high-quality ingredients that will make your skin clearer, plumper and more hydrated after a few uses! Made with Retinol (this is what the beauty therapists use)  - which is an ingredient scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging, sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf and rose essential oil to tighten, detox and preserve hydration. Apply before moisturising at night to let the specially formulated ingredients get to work on your beautiful face. 

 Add ambience and luxury to your escape with the delicious travel candles from Skye Candle and Bodycare. One of two scents will be included in your box; black raspberry & vanilla, which is a sweet, warming aroma, or, lime, basil and mandarin, which is a lovely summery and vibrant scent. Made with 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils and love. Each container comes in tin packaging with a lid, so once the wax is dried you can pop the lid on and have your Skye Candle in your bag without worrying about it breaking.

We are so excited to introduce Flo and Co to all our subscribers. Use the wonderful properties of bentonite clay and matcha powder to tighten pores, detox and refine skin with the lovely matcha detox clay face mask from Flo & Co! Completely natural, free of preservatives and non-polluting packaging, this adorable glass jar holds up to 8 masks in powder form so you can simply mix with water for a fresh mask every time. Use for yourself as a weekly treat, or share with the girls on your getaway.

Last but definitely not least you can steam away your woes and completely indulge, no bath necessary. This new divine Ahhh Cosmetics Shower Steamer is an amazing shower-alternative to bath bombs. With four possible scents; relaxing Lavender, energising Lemongrass, uplifting Sweet Orange & Grapefruit and refreshing Eucalyptus & Peppermint. Simply place on the shower floor and allow the hot water to dissolve the steamer to release the therapeutic essential oils into the shower steam. These are the ultimate addition to your getaway, or to provide a relaxing luxury escape without leaving the house. 

Once again this box is packed full of incredible value, we know you will fall in love with the Luxury Escape Box this September. This year it has become extremely important to support local, so enjoy this beautiful box, featuring incredible New Zealand brands! Explore our beautiful country, support NZ tourism and take NZ luxury products with you if you can, otherwise book in that night where you shut the bedroom door and float into your own luxury escape bliss. Sign up today. 

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I just want to say how cub I love getting My Treat Box each month. I just absolutely love it, so many beautiful products I couldn’t even pick a fave. The end of the month can never come around fast enough. Thanks so much for this wonderful service.

Shona Taylor

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