September Spring Detox is here...

September Spring Detox is here...

Spring is in the air and our September Detox box is bringing treats for your mouth, face and body. After winter our tired bodies (and minds) deserve some extra special attention in preparation for the warmer months. This box is all about giving you some treats to feel confident and fabulous with a beautiful even complexion and a million-dollar smile. You can kick start spring by radiating confidence and taking in nature’s goodness.  

Featuring Rata and Co’s flaxseed face oil to help bring back your skin’s glowing vitality, this New Zealand made product is an extra special detox for your complexion. 

Then for a little extra eye treatment we have the Goodness eye cream that will add to your healthy glow. Your under eye area is the most delicate skin on your whole body. If there is one place you need to hydrate if you want to hide the signs of ageing and stress, then the eyes are the most important and this NZ made miracle cream will give them an instant lift. This Goodness Eye Cream is soft, delicate and fragrance-free making it perfect to apply to the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes.  

Back by popular demand is Nudi Point’s charcoal teeth whitener which given its size will have you shining white for the rest of the year. A full mouth detox, charcoal has active molecules that are used as natural remedy to help absorb toxins from the body.

 The Aotearoad deodorant is good for you by being chemical and Aluminium free. Aotearoad’s deodorant is handmade with Aroha and of course only tested on humans. You can read about natural deodorant while sipping on Libertine Blends beautiful green tea, which will not only be a delight to your taste buds but to your body as well by stimulating blood flow, increasing alertness and helping with detoxification.

Another MyTreat box packed full with NZ made brands that are using natural ingredients to help you get ready for the warmer months ahead. 

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