"Restore Me"... January's box is here and ready to come to rescue!

"Restore Me"... January's box is here and ready to come to rescue!

This box is well thought out so you can enjoy seasonal treats for your whole body, your face, and your soul. We want to help you start this year the way you intend to go on (treating yourself more often!). Click here to Subscribe NOW

January restore me box mytreat subscription

Was 2021 a full on year for you? We have been asking this question a lot lately, and we can hear a resounding YES from around the country. While on the outside our boxes might look like a collection of fun and exciting skin and body care treats, and to some extent that is true, these boxes are so much more... 

As you head into 2022 we want you to feel like you've got a secret weapon, and healthy, happy skin is just part of that. By taking time out for yourself more regularly, and choosing to invest $50 a month, in a MyTreat box you are choosing to do a few things differently next year, and we are here to deliver the goods. Our job is to work tirelessly to create the most exciting boxes possible, and to ensure we can provide exceptional value to every one of our deserving customers. 

We want to deliver some excitement in the post, and a whole lot of practical products, and most importantly we want to deliver a few excuses to shut the bathroom door and take 15 minutes for yourself. January Boxes are here to set the bar HIGH for this year, and we are SO excited to welcome back some favourite brands like Beauty Tofu and their impurity sucking Tip to Toe Detox. 

beauty tofu mytreat
Beauty Tofu is all about vegan, natural, effective skincare/selfcare and wow oh wow this product ticks every box and more. Made from organic, pure 100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay, this is a 'temple detox' in a bottle. Sodium Montmorillonite Clay is a powerful absorber and detoxifying ingredient, used throughout history by indigenous cultures and healers internally and externally for it's powers in healing, and encouraging production of digestive enzymes.

To use externally - Use as Face mask or add to the bath to deeply purify and detox.
To use internally - To cleanse and detoxify your colon from heavy metals, toxins and pathogens add a spoon of clay to your smoothies, water, juice or raw baked treats to help releive; bloating, constipation and gas, skin disorders, body odour and to flush the system from toxins - perfect for post Christmas and New Year recovery! 

Goodness Mytreat subscription

Rosehip is known for its soothing, anti-inflamatory properties, and over summer what could be better than a rich, decadent cream infused with rosehip to restore after a hot day? Combined with hyaluronic acid and chia seed oil, this Rosehip Goodness Every Day Cream is oh-so hydrating and fuill of anti-oxidants to keep you radient. In the change of season our skin requires more hydration, without the weight, so we searched for a non-greasy, anti-oxidant formula to make sure your skin gets everything it needs to retain hydration over the warmer months.
Skye candle and body care Mytreat subscription

Ever used a konjac Sponge before? If you haven't, you are MISSING OUT. Once you try you'll wander how you lived without it. The strange sponge texture feels so lovely on the skin, and is a natural cleanser and exfoliator. Use combined with your cleanser or on its own, to gently buff away any built up sunblock, sweat, dead skin or debris for bright, fresh skin all summer long. Skye Candle & Body Care are one of subscribers favourite brands, as Kash never fails to supply beautiful natural products, plus, what's not to love about supporting a boss mama?!

Receive one of 6 infusions:

Turmeric - calming irritated or hypersensitive skin, you can enjoy increased skin elasticity and softness.
Red clay - reducing facial pore sizes, while cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Great for sensitive skin.
Original Konjac Sponge - for sensitive and delicate skin, including for use with toddlers and babies.
Green Tea - for easily irritated and sensitive skin. Helping to reduce pore sizes, the green tea also acts to protect skin from excessive elemental damage.
Lavender - suitable for all skin types and can be used with or without a cleanser. Calming on skin, use can assist with spot fading and scar reduction, plus reducing oil secretion levels.
Bamboo Charcoal - mineral rich to help with acne and is also a natural antioxidant.

Tiaki Mytreat subscription
We actually scattered this Tiaki Body Butter in a few boxes over Black Friday and received rave reviews from everyone who loved it! As soon as you open this you will not be able to think of anything other than SUMMER. With a zesty lime and subtle coconut vanilla fragrance, this smells like summer days on the beach, coconut sunblock, lime ice blocks and days by the pool. With a rich, thick formula, this body butter is like heaven to rehydrate the skin over summer. A small amount goes a long way, and with such a massive size (435 grams!) this body butter will last ages. From tiaki - a supplier we featured in August 2020 (doesn't it feel strange to say that it wasn't last year??!) with an epic collagen night cream that everyone LOVED, as the formula was so rich and hydrating. Infused with oils, primarily jojoba, which is a great hydrating agent as it is similar to the oils our skin naturally produces, which will lock in moisture.
"Received my special box today and wow so love the Tiaki Body Butter." - Sue W

Another Tiaki treat - the Collagen, witch-hazel and rosehip mask for - after a hot day in the sun, or when you have the house to yourself for once! Make yourself a cocktail and prep the snacks, put on your favourite show and just "ahhhhh". Soak in the soothing, refreshing goodness of; - Manuka Honey, With Hazel, Rosehip and youth boosting Collagen from this Tiaki mask.


We can't wait for subscribers to try out all these goodies! Not subscribed yet? Head to the links below to choose your box and payment frequency for a self-care subscription customized for you!


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