The Rest Revolution: How āma Owner Heidi Mehrtens is Redefining Good Sleep As A Mother

The Rest Revolution: How āma Owner Heidi Mehrtens is Redefining Good Sleep As A Mother

About 5 years ago, at 26 weeks pregnant with her third child, the opportunity to purchase the āma business was presented to Heidi Mehrtens.

The premium skin and hair care products by āma are proudly made here in New Zealand with pure, natural ingredients.

Heidi said, “I’d always had a strong interest in natural skincare which came from my history of skin complaints and I was also very passionate about finding natural alternatives for my whānau and children. I was keen to exit the corporate world and was looking for a way to spend more quality time with my children.”

What kept Heidi going is the ability to work from home around her children and their activities, the drive to trial new products, and bring them to market.

We ask Heidi to share more about 'Rest', the magnesium and lavender body butter included in all our April ‘Sweet Dreams’ boxes, and what good sleep means to her.

Rest Āma Magnesium and Lavender Body Butter

Tell us the inspiration behind making 'Rest'.
You will find the majority of the products we work with and create are born from a need within our family - my children get growing pains and I suffer from restless legs.

I've been a strong believer in topical magnesium (as opposed to a magnesium tablet) to relieve muscle cramps and aches. Hence, the magnesium body butter was created. We included the lavender to aid with sleep so a nice massage in the evenings for my girls works wonders and I also use on a nightly basis. You can also use to rub into your temples.

What are some ways that you rest and relax before bed to promote better sleep? 
As mentioned before, a quick leg massage is my nightly routine.

What is good sleep to you?
I'm probably the wrong person to ask as I have a toddler who doesn't sleep well and I co-sleep with her as well! So, to me, good sleep is when I feel rested whether that's a 20-minute snooze on the couch, a few hours as a catch-up, or a more solid block.

Have all your dreams come true? If so, what are they? And if not, what are some dreams you wish would be fulfilled in your lifetime?
My dreams have come true to some extent, by being blessed with an amazing partner who supports me in everything I do, and having 3 amazing (yet challenging) children. My dreams come true constantly when I see my children achieve something they've set their heart on. I have simple pleasures and simple wishes and they mainly centre on the health and happiness of my family.

āma's topical Magnesium and Lavender Body Butter called 'Rest' is available in all of MyTreat's April 'Sweet Dreams' boxes

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