Reset Your Scalp With Nectar

Reset Your Scalp With Nectar

Charcoal-infused hair care products are in high demand, especially during summer! With the season prompting increased sweat and oil production, it's crucial to effectively cleanse and detoxify the scalp to avoid potential irritation.

Nectar's Carbonite®️ Shampoo Bar: Ultimate Hair Detox

Nectar’s Carbonite®️ Shampoo Bar is a clarifying marvel, rescuing dull, congested hair by removing builup and residues, acting like a detox regimen.

This deep cleanser eliminates product residue without stripping essential nutrients or affecting coloured hair, promoting natural shine. Infused with activated charcoal sourced sustainably from coconut shells, it absorbs impurities, from pollution to excess oil, leaving hair and scalp refreshed and allowing hair to breathe and grow unimpeded.

Nectar's Carbonite®️ Conditioner Bar: Perfect Partner

Pairing seamlessly with the shampoo bar, Nectar’s conditioner bar offers natural oils and butters' moisturising benefits, coupled with a lively citrus scent. It boosts manageability and leaves hair shining healthily.

Please note that especially in warmer weather, this bar may appear bumpy straight out of the packet. This in no way affects the effectiveness of the conditioner. It is merely the essential oil making itself known! In an attempt to keep our conditioners as natural and organic as possible, they contain no emulsifiers which factory produced bars use to stabilise the formulation.

Try these eco-friendly haircare treats, available in our January 2024 Wellness Box alongside other goodies.

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