Q&A with Yun from Arture

Q&A with Yun from Arture

Arture has featured regularly in our subscription boxes for over a year now and that is because Arture's high quality skincare is amazingly effective, made in NZ, and look so gorgeous in bathroom. Each product has the iconic Arture rose scent, and always feels like pure luxury.

In this month's July 'Awaken the Senses' box, we are featuring both the incredible Arture Rose Water Glow Mist, and the adorable Arture Holographic Pouch.  The Holographic pouch provides a little sparkle to your purse, while making it easier to organize your bit's and bob's like lip products and perfume.Arture Pouch

The mist is a wonderful refreshing hit of rose, while providing a gorgeous hydrated glow on the surface of the skin. We encourage you to try a spritz over makeup for a beautiful dewy, airbrushed effect as the oils help the products settle into your skin. 

Arture Rose Glow Mist

 Yun Liu, the Executive Director of Arture, has always been so lovely and wonderful to work with, so we couldn't wait to ask her the nitty gritty about her business and share it with our fellow treaters. Her responses are so humble and absolutely did not disappoint, read the responses here:

Q. Tell us a bit about you?

I’m the Founder of Arture Specialist Skincare, and also currently the Clinical Practice Lead for Lifeline Connect. I have a passion for community change and is actively involved in driving diversity and inclusiveness at a governance level. Before starting my own business, I was working in the field of social services, helping support people in mental health, addictions, sexual violence, depression, and suicide.

I’m a person of diverse interests, I love animals, cars, food, travel, and billiards. I love to work on and race cars at the track with my friends in my spare time.

Q. What inspired you?

I started my own business and founded Arture at a time when Lifeline was struggling to get funding for its service. I felt like the world is not fair to the people who worked hard to support their community, and I wanted to do something completely different, something that is skin deep and makes people feel better. I struggled with acne skin as a teenager, and knew that there are topical products that can help make people feel so much more confident with the skin they are in. So I researched and talked to my own dermatologist about effective products and ingredients for acne-prone and aging skin.

I then worked with a New Zealand laboratory about my ideas. After a year’s hard work and trialing samples, Arture was born! It was only 3 products at the time, but after 5 years of continued research and development, we now have 7 skincare products and more beauty devices.

Q. What do you enjoy the most?

When I’m at work, for Arture or for the social services I work for, I enjoy helping people feel better about themselves and achieve their potential in life. In more spare time, I enjoy spending time with my kids, hanging out with my friends and playing with our cars or going on a car cruise.

Q. What advice do you wish you knew or would you give?

I think a lot of people are thinking about starting their own business or creating a side hustle. There’s also a lot of stories of people becoming hugely successful after starting up their own business. However, the reality is that with anything that is successful in the long run, it takes a huge amount of time, effort, planning, risk, and dedication. So start by preparing yourself for the challenge, set enough time aside, and don’t be afraid to try something when you’ve thought it through. Failures are not scary, every successful person has failed many times before they succeeded. You’re not wasting your time if something didn’t work out at the time, it was just a good lesson to learn and a stepping stone for your success.

Thanks, Yun.

Yun from Arture


Yun has offered our treaters an exclusive discount, simply apply the discount code: ‘FRIENDSOFARTURE’ for 20% off everything on the website! Top up your favourite Arture products or send some to a friend who you know would love some luxury skincare. Head to the website here.

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