Post-Summer Recovery Tips by Alice Kim, Founder of Aroma.A

Post-Summer Recovery Tips by Alice Kim, Founder of Aroma.A

Ever wondered what the A in Aroma.A stands for? We've always thought it stood for aromatherapy skincare since that's the most obvious choice, seeing as the New Zealand brand carries a wide range of body products with amazing-smelling essential oils to soothe the skin. But no, the A in Aroma.A actually pays homage to the aromatherapist and brains behind the brand: Alice Kim.

It's not just the products that make a brand. It's usually the people and passion behind the trade name. Alice started the business because she wanted to develop her very own natural skincare products, initially for her eldest son who suffered from eczema.

She really wanted to develop an understanding of each and every ingredient that she used because all of the recipes that she had found used an array of different ingredients. "I could not understand why I had to use them and which variation of the ingredient was greater than the other," she said.

Therefore, Alice studied essential oils and officially became a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists in 2013. 

Her Aroma.A brand now helps people with sensitive skin through the art of Alice's aromatherapy concoctions.

Here, she shares how she spent her summer and some post-summer recovery tips:

It's been a tough summer for most Kiwis, how has yours been?
Honestly, my summer was not so bad and I am vey thankful as our whole family finally got to visit Korea to meet my big family. So, it is like gift to me. I got to see my mum and dad and reminded myself that they are very important to me.

Any tips on how to repair your skin and soul after a tough period?
Relaxing is important and crucial for me. I use aromatherapy to relax my body, mind and soul. And I add essential oils into my brand's whole skincare range for that reason: To relax. I know for a fact that my aromatherapy skincare products with natural ingredients and essential oils are good for us and nature. Let's not just focus on beauty but healthy beauty to repair and relax.

How have you been preparing, personally and professionally, for the rest of the year?
I do not make long-term plans. I take one day at a time, step by step. I work hard when I am working and rest when I have the time. I do my best and try not to regret anything!


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