Plastic Free February

Plastic Free February

The February Sleep Box has a selection of our favourite eco friendly brands. Their products are created using natural plant based ingredients, and scientifically developed to help improve your sleep. This box has all the tools to encourage a great rest and beautiful healthy skin, and it just so happens that everything inside is plastic free. 

Our journey to plastic free has been happening over the last 18 months. We have reduced the number of plastic containers, provided information to customers about how to recycle and reuse their packaging at the end of the life of each treat, sent sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaged skincare, and in recent months we have ditched the plastic delivery satchel.

We love working with brands who are on this mission to make skincare more sustainable with us, and its actually really reassuring when you see the amount of research, testing, and exploration that is surrounding eco packaging. Both from little players, big brands, and big companies like PBT. Sophie Cooper. Managing Director of the CCE Group Ltd, t/a Ahhh Cosmetics and Soap Opera Productions says "Our goal is to do as much as we can to eliminate plastic from our packaging, we are not perfect yet, but we are really trying! I love the fact that we are reducing waste when customers choose our products over a plastic bottle product. One of our main values is that we remain affordable so customers get that little treat they deserve and still feel good about reducing plastic." 

The mission to be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly subscription box keeps us on our toes, but we have worked hard to create a box that perfectly compliments itself, and the season, and includes no plastic bottles. From glass jars to craft paper satchels, the packaging of each product is beautiful, practical and secure enough to make it's way safely to each of our customers.

By supporting MyTreat you are choosing to subscribe to a company committed to the best possible treats, the absolute best possible service, and the least environmental impact possible. While eco friendly and a 'subscription business' may not seem to go hand in hand, it is our belief that we can provide sustainable and high quality skincare products to women around New Zealand. By choosing to showcase the great New Zealand brands focused on sustainable skincare, rather than working with companies that are not only bad for the planet, but awful to animals and bad for our skin, we can create natural, New Zealand made treats and this month we are so excited to have a completely plastic free box to send. 

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