Our Hero's

Our Hero's

This exciting April subscription box is leaving no stone uncovered... high quality, natural skincare for your beautiful face and the delicate skin around your eyes, an organic essential oil boost ideal for de-stressing on the go, natural Magnesium spray to relieve your body's pains, immune boosting superfoods, and so much more. With over $135.00 worth of skincare and beauty treats before the gorgeous MyTreat underwear is even added, this box represents so much more that a glowing complexion. 

The most popular chemicals found in skincare are; parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, triclosan, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum & petrochemicals... but you will not find these in our MyTreat boxes! The natural hero's of our April boxes will deliver beautiful skin, a whole bunch of excuses to shut the bathroom door and treat yourself, as well as chemical free products your body will love. 

Bees Brilliance Cleanser (RRP $37.99)
April boxes are all about celebrating the beautiful natural products on offer in New Zealand, and the cleanser from Bees Brilliance is just one example of their high quality, and highly effective skincare range. Harnessing the natural vitamins of honey and using only natural ingredients to compliment and improve your skin, this genuinely natural skincare is created by a Nelson based family business, to suit all ages and skin types. High in antioxidants to help firm fine lines, refine pores, and heal skin imperfections, and loaded with anti-inflammatory properties to give your skin a radiant and soft appearance, Bees Brilliance are committed to the use of natural ingredients and bringing you the brilliance of the bee hive, and helping you become the healthiest version of you. This brand stood out to us a long time ago, their packaging sets them completely apart, when we started MyTreat we only dreamed of the possibility of such gorgeous and luxury products and it is a treat to include this for our deserving customers inside April boxes.

Beauty Berry Magnesium Spray (RRP $15.00)
Another April treat to blow your socks off, the Magnesium Oil Spray from Beauty Berry is all natural and will help improve circulation, ease muscle tension and help with the treatment of magnesium deficiency. If you are in need of some relief for sore spots, muscle pains and aches, especially headaches, this treat is a natural remedy, hand made with high potency natural ingredients that will help enhance relaxation and deep sleep. This brand is made by the beautiful Heidi, a busy mum of 4 boys, boss babe, and eco warrior with a love for ethical products and skincare that has as little impact as possible. Perfectly packaged, and created with care, stripped of any chemicals, we are left with raw, healthy skincare that our bodies can absorb without interfering with our limbic system. This brand has been on our radar for a while, and we are thrilled to give our customers the opportunity to try this innovative magnesium product, ideally suited to the change of seasons when we start to feel a few aches and pains, and to help us get a great sleep and build up our immunity against winter bugs.

Linden Leaves Eye Rescue Serum (RRP $49.99) 
NATRUE Certified and made with love, each Linden Leaves product is as effective as it is natural. We can’t wait to deliver their Eye Rescue Serum to busy, under-‘treated’ and overworked women everywhere, and we know this beautiful natural product will exceed expectations with its immediate relief to tired eyes. As well as an instant hit of ‘YES I am awake, and NO I have not been up with sick, small or sleepless children most of the night”, this product contains organic white tea for anti-oxidants, rose to tone and nourish, and grapeseed oil to balance and hydrate the delicate contour area. Linden Leaves was founded in Christchurch, and from day one the driving force behind this range has been creating a natural alternative to harsh products that are supposed to relieve and repair irritated skin. With small children suffering eczema, Brigit Blair set out to develop a botanical, plant-based alternative in 1995, and she now runs one of New Zealand’s leading natural and organic skincare brands.  Brigit began harvesting and freeze-drying roses and blending fruit and flower oils with the unique scent of essential oil blends. It became a real labour of love and 24 years later, Linden Leaves is still focused on supporting ethical and sustainable business practices. While the company has grown significantly, and increased the number of products available, Brigit is still very hands on with each aspect of the business and is committed to using quality organic and natural ingredients, fruit and flower oils, natural scents and essential oil blends. With natural ingredients and exacting attention to detail, Linden Leaves combines nature and science to create beautiful, effective products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul.

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