Ok... here goes...

Ok... here goes...

Some of you might know my husband and I have been trying for baby number #2 for over a year and we were so over the moon to find out we are pregnant!!

Finding out I’m having another baby has meant I’ve needed to reassess how MyTreat would work without me in the picture. While I would like to think I could wholeheartedly hand over the reins for a few months, I am aware that my personality will mean I want to be back into it and know what is happening.

With one child already, I’m also fully aware how fast the first year goes by and I do want to make sure I am present and available for my children. The process of trying for a 2nd baby for quite a while, has reinforced how precious my family is, and where I want to focus my energy.

I've decided it is a good time to sell MyTreat. I want to make sure the right person takes over, and maintains the standard and growth levels, which requires commitment and effort that is unrealistic for me to be in a position to offer once baby number #2 comes along. It has been a very hard decision, but after a lot of thought I do know it is the best thing for me and for my family.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting the MyTreat journey so far. I started this business because I was lonely. Not because I didn’t have wonderful friends or family, but because while the desire to be at home with my beautiful baby was strong, the thought that I was ‘just a mum’, made me feel different. Overnight I went from feeling like an independent woman, to being never alone, with a never ending to do list, and still feeling lonely. I’m pretty sure this is normal, and starting MyTreat was an introduction to so many incredible women who have kept me company and kept me busy for the last 3 years.

I don’t know you all, but I know some of you, and I have had the pleasure of reading a lot of feedback and positive comments about what your boxes mean to you over the last few years. I am honoured to feel the way I do about my business. Sustainable, high quality, high value, consistent, exceptional service... these are all words used by you to describe my brand and this makes my heart swell. Not because of how that translates to sales, but because I’ve created something that you want. Something that makes people feel good about themselves, and something that encourages you to put yourself first.

But what you have given me is just so much more, I’ve worked out my purpose, I’ve learned that success comes from finding motivation in the face of adversity, and I’ve been given amazing advice from some of the most impressive and exciting business owners in the industry. I’ve developed skills, established amazing relationships, grown my understanding of the skincare world and worked with great people along the way. I have been completely passionate about the message behind this brand, and the quality of our boxes and customer service, and until a new owner comes along, this will remain my focus.

I know I rushed back to my ‘day job’ after baby number #1, and when I quietly started MyTreat in 2016 as a side project to give me a chance to stay home and work, I was rocking the rocker with one foot while typing on my laptop, and I did not understand how precious those moments were. Because the growth of MyTreat has been significant and more than I ever expected, the level of work quickly went from a few hours a week, to LOTS of hours, every day. I was able to bring on staff to help me, but those precious first months of my daughters life were flying by, and this time round I’m going to do it differently.

So, after starting and growing this business in an effort to be more than ‘just a mum’, I now know I want more than ever to be just that. For now, while my babies are young, being a mum it is the single most important thing I want to be doing. I’ve felt a huge responsibility to the 1700 people who receive our boxes every month, I’ve proven to myself just what I can do, and I am ready to let that responsibility go to the right person who will continue this mission to make women around New Zealand feel great.

I am still planning beautiful boxes and testing amazing treats for the rest of this year, and still looking at ways to improve aspects of the business. Our new website has been live for a few weeks and new underwear styles are on the way. We are committed to making sure our customers continue to receive great boxes and excellent service, and that any changes are only going to benefit our subscribers. I believe the right owner will understand that MyTreat is about more than the beautiful contents inside our boxes. I want to assure you that you can continue to expect the same high quality boxes, packed with love from MyTreat.


p.s. If you think you might be, or know the right person to take my MyTreat baby to the next level, contact Shelley May - Kakapo Business Sales <<CLICK HERE>>.

p. 021 286 3274
e. shelley@kakapobusiness.co.nz
w. www.kakapobusiness.co.nz


Wow! Just wow!
Still feeling so blessed to have been able to meet you last month and share some of my thoughts with you.
Reading this post makes me feel oddly proud! It’s never easy being a woman, a mum or a boss – but you’ve managed to juggle all three as well as help the rest of us do the same, with a bit more ease!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and have fun Mumma Bear x


Hi Rosie congratulations on your news of baby number2. I feel maybe you could put someone in there to look after things while you stay home for awhile, then after awhile you could perhaps go part time for awhile. This is just a thought I had. You have worked hard to do my treats so of course it’s up to you what you decide. Take care and all the Best Rose Green

Rose Green

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