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Written By Rosie Graystone - June 06 2019


June 06 2019

Wow! Just wow!
Still feeling so blessed to have been able to meet you last month and share some of my thoughts with you.
Reading this post makes me feel oddly proud! It’s never easy being a woman, a mum or a boss – but you’ve managed to juggle all three as well as help the rest of us do the same, with a bit more ease!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and have fun Mumma Bear x

Rose Green
June 06 2019

Hi Rosie congratulations on your news of baby number2. I feel maybe you could put someone in there to look after things while you stay home for awhile, then after awhile you could perhaps go part time for awhile. This is just a thought I had. You have worked hard to do my treats so of course it’s up to you what you decide. Take care and all the Best Rose Green

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