October Glow Boxes

Get your FREE Linden Leaves Gold Toning Face & Body Mist, with real 23kt gold leaf when you order your October Glow Box. This box is going to give you a beautiful October glow... thanks to the 5 amazing cruelty free products, beautiful skincare, and thoughtfully chosen full size treats, plus your FREE gift. 

Sugar Scrub... revealing your summer skin, this sugar scrub can be used over and over again to give your skin that October Glow you will love. Ahhh... Cosmetics Sugar Scrubs are all natural and sweetly scented to give your whole body a beautiful lift. This is a true body treat!

Matakana Skincare Polish... This dual-action hydrating polisher will leave skin moisturised and freshly clean, no awful chemical agents to create tight dry skin, just beautiful powerful plant oils to leave skin in the nourished state it deserves. Give your face that gorgeous glow just in time for the summer season.

Wet'n'Wild Illuminating Palette... Get your full body glow on, this HUGE full body glow pallette can be used on your face, legs, arms, decolletage and anywhere you want to add a sun-kissed look without those harmful UV rays. Completely cruelty free and guaranteed to give you a natural summer glow, this is one cosmetic product you will love to use no matter how much make-up you wear day to day.

Silver Sparrow Necklace... This is a MyTreat first, and while we have been reluctant to offer jewelry in the past, this is a cute NZ style everyone will love. We have been wearing these cute necklaces around the office for a couple of months now, my main concern was that the quality needed to be really good and I was not sure we could achieve this within our budget.... let me just say, these are really hard wearing, modern, stylish and compliment any look. We feel honoured to be showcasing this brand and I know you will LOVE yours.

And... Because no Glow Box would be complete without a revitalising hair treatment to give your locks a healthy shine, we are including a HASK Coconut OIl Hair Treatment too. Get your glow on with hair that is soft and strong, this treatment suits all hair types and smells amazing. Hask is a very well-known premium hair care brand and is the #1 hair care range in Farmers. 


FREE Linden Leaves Gold Toning Face & Body Mist... A refreshing mist enriched with amaranth and red rice to help hydrate and restore skin vitality. Enhanced with natural witch hazel and chamomile to soothe, nourish and tone.

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  • Hey Rachelle, you sure do! Its the perfect thank you gift for your support so far, and a great way to welcome new subscribers too!
    Thank you

  • Wonderful, looking forward to next months subscription. If we are on a 12 month subscription do we get the linden leaves? Not a make or break thing, just wondering

  • I like This one


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