The Whitening Co White Strips

More Reasons To Smile: NZ's Leading Teeth Whitening Brand In Your November 2022 Subscription Box!

Smile with confidence this summer and beyond with the amazing Teeth Whitening Strips (RRP $69) by NZ's very own The Whitening Co.
These strips are hands-free and highly effective. It only takes just 40 minutes to use and will help encourage you to smile a little more! 
It will help keep those teeth pearly white, combatting coffee stains and ensuring a brighter smile. 😁
Use daily for 7-14 days for dramatic results or tuck some away for upcoming events for a quick treatment when you want to dazzle.
the whitening co white strips
🍃 Works in just 40 minutes
🍃 Can be done while sitting on the couch
🍃 Strengthens enamel
🍃Targets even the most 'impossible' stains
🍃 Saves money (no expensive trip to the dentist!)
🍃Takes 7-14 days of daily use for optimum results
🍃 Can be set aside for a quick brighten before a big event
🍃14 strips in each box
🍃 Combats coffee and red wine stains
🍃Encourages more smiles!
Receive a pack of 14 strips in all the MyTreat November Box subscription boxes!

🍃 Body Box $38.95 per month (with over $100 of value inside!)

🍃 Body Plus Box $48.95 per month (with over $120 of value inside!)

🍃 Body Luxe Box $58.95 per month (with over $150 of value inside!)

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