Nudi Point's Facially Yours Serum....It's like liquid gold

Nudi Point's Facially Yours Serum....It's like liquid gold

Using therapeutic grade, highly-effective natural ingredients, this serum is known as liquid gold for the skin for very good reason! This serum is best used before moisturising, in the hydration stage of your routine.

Created by Nudi Point, who are committed to 100% natural and genuinely organic products.


It's all in the ingredients...

Using a combination of high-quality oils;

Argan, Rosehip, Olive and Macadamia Nut

Oils which are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, this serum helps to rid fine lines and keep skin supple, as well as beautiful essential oils of geranium, lavender, orange and vanilla to promote beautiful, radiant skin.


How this 'liquid gold' facial serum ensures a beautiful glow...

1.Protects and maintains  a healthy moisture barrier

2.Antioxidant-rich ingredients to prevent premature aging

3.Evens skin tone by helping decrease dark spots and hyper pigmentation

It's no surprise why this serum is so highly loved!

You will find this serum in EVERY MyTreat subscription box this month! It's called October Glow Box for a reason, naturally this liquid gold was an easy choice to help get your glow on.  

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