November's Summer Essentials - NZ Made

November's Summer Essentials - NZ Made

We have been working like crazy little bees trying to create the perfect collection of treats to help prepare you all for summer. Each box this month will include 6 staple summer essential items, by some of our favourite NZ brands and also a few newbies, with each item being NZ made with cruelty-free ingredients of course, we know you will love these treats as much as we do! 

As we head into warmer weather, we are all busy enjoying the sun, summer activities, holidays, barbeques, social events and Christmas, we all need those easy to use handbag ready essentials for an on-the-go refresh and also a couple of beauty cabinet essentials that last all day long! This box holds all the essentials for your perfect summer!

November Summer Essentials Box

Perfume roll-ons are so handy, especially when you are on the go and need a touch up, so included in this box is a beautiful Miabelle Perfume Roll-on. These perfumes not only smell incredible, they surprised us with how long the fragrance lasted on our skin! With a decadent summery scent, the all-natural fragrance comes in a beautiful clear tube with real petals inside, for a little bit of luxury on every application. 

Miabelle Perfume Roll-on

One of the "goals" for November was to include a SPF product and once we tried the SPF moisturiser from Essano we were in love! It can be so easy to forget to sunblock before leaving the house, especially if its an overcast day or you are not planning on being in the sun, but to have even a small amount of protection is so important. Hanging washing, getting in and out of the car, running errands all can cause skin damage from our harsh New Zealand sun, this citrus scented, vitamin moisturiser is perfect for that extra layer of protection, so you can feel radiant, protected and hydrated every day!

Essano SPF Moisturizer

It is without a doubt that summer is one of the best times of the year, but the harsher elements can cause our lips to become dry and cracked, so finding a decent lip balm is so important! This month we are so excited to be featuring Nudi Points new and improved creamy lip butter, that not only nourishes your lips but smells good enough to eat!

Nudi Point Lip Butter

When we saw the amazing Itch Stick by My Boutique Treat, we knew it would be the perfect addition to this months box! This small stick is pocket-sized to have in your purse or clutch whilst you are at a summer barbecue or outside enjoying the warm summer nights, for itch relief from pesky bug bites. With a silky peppermint-scented formula, this stick is an all-natural itch soother, so you can apply the balm directly on to the itchy area for instant relief!

My Boutique Treat Itch Stick

Along with the Itch Stick, we provided the pocket-sized Goodbye Sandfly Bug Repellent by to prevent bites in the first place! Have in your purse ready for summer nights outdoors, so you don’t have to deal with annoying bugs and bites. If you’re like me and attract bugs over the summer, this repellent will be your handbag essential! Made with natural Essential oils and sweet almond oil, your skin will be nourished and hydrated after application. 

Goodbye Sandfly Bug Repellent

Last but not least, we included another beauty cabinet essential to keep you fresh all summer long with an all-natural deodorant that works! The Essano Lily Flower and Chamomile Deodorant included in this box is a beautiful summery scented deodorant with 8-hour protection, so you can conquer every day this summer season without a worry.

Essano Deodorant

This box is a little more practical than our usual treat boxes, as we know we are going into the crazy season. We wanted to ensure each and every treat included in this can be used and loved every day, no matter what you have planned. If you aren't subscribed yet, make sure you don't miss out. We dispatch this box on the 25th of November, and with Christmas around the corner, you won't want to miss what's coming next!

MyTreat Body Box Subscription


Hi! I’d like 3 of tbe summer essentials boxes.

Lexi riley

I just want to say that I look forward to your products each month and feel like a little girl waiting to open her presents. I loved loved loved Septembers retinol by Arture. My skin has a glow and my blemishes have softenend. Not to mention Octobers Rata and Probiotic face serum. It smells so yummy and the skin feels hydrated every morning. I highly highly recommend MyTreat as a Treat every woman must have! Thank you so much

Payal Diwadkar

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