MyTreat & Me: How Annette Marsh Empowers Her Daughters With The Gift Of Self-Care

MyTreat & Me: How Annette Marsh Empowers Her Daughters With The Gift Of Self-Care

Alexa and Zuleika Marsh are two very fortunate daughters. They are the lucky recipients of their mother's unwavering generosity and love. In a world where self-care has become increasingly important, Annette Marsh has found a unique way to empower her daughters through monthly self-care treats.

By giving them a MyTreat box subscription each, Annette not only provides them with a delightful surprise each month but also creates an opportunity for them to indulge in self-care rituals and discover new pamper products.

This heartfelt gesture has not only brought joy and excitement into the sisters' lives but has also taught them the value of self-care and self-love.

Annette says, "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank [MyTreat] for thinking outside the box and offering self-care subscriptions. I have loved that I have been able to sign both my adult girls up to the MyTreat monthly subscription. I love that every month, they eagerly await their 'treat' then excitedly share with me what has been in their goodie box. I have just recently upgraded them to the Wellness Box and am so looking forward to their messages and photos as they dive into their box of treats."

Struggles And Resilience Of A Single Mum

Annette opens up about her experience as a single mother during her daughters' teenage years, where financial constraints made it challenging to provide little luxuries and treats. Money was tight, and basic necessities like rent, groceries, and transportation consumed most of her income. Rice, mince, toast and Weet-Bix were our staples," she recalls. "I once received a call from school to say that the girls were hungry and I was mortified."

Despite working full-time, she faced the harsh reality of being broke and in debt. She even found herself in tears during a conversation with the power company when she couldn't afford to pay her bill. 

Annette says, "Sadly, I was one of many who struggled and there are people out there now who still continue to struggle." 

Finding Joy In Affording Treats

Today, Annette is in a more stable financial position, allowing her the opportunity to give her daughters the treats they missed out on during their younger years.

Expressing her gratitude, Annette sees the positive impact of the MyTreat subscription, which goes beyond the physical products received.

She recognises that she wouldn't have been able to source the same variety of products or curate such delightful surprises for her daughters on her own. MyTreat has provided her daughters with an all-in-one pampering experience, offering convenience and a sense of discovery.

She says, "Thankfully, I am now in a position where I can afford treats, and I get so much pleasure out of being able to do so. Thank you for allowing me to subscribe my girls to treats they otherwise wouldn't buy themselves, and to be honest, I wouldn't go out and source the products myself to then give them. You have given them the opportunity to receive a one-stop pamper box. Thanks not only for providing these treats for them to use on a daily basis but also for making my heart full for being able to do this for them."

Annette's generous decision to give her daughters a monthly self-care MyTreat subscription is an inspiring testament to the power of love, resilience, and personal growth. We cannot imagine how empowered Alexa and Zuleika feel as they embrace self-love, self-appreciation, and the significance of taking care of oneself, all thanks to their amazing mum.

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