MyTreat Branded Underwear

MyTreat Branded Underwear

This is one of those moments you dream about; you wonder if it is possible, you save for it, you test it out, you find a dud or two along the way, and you keep looking until its perfect.... and even then it doesn't really seem real! Here I am in the driveway, couldn't even make inside the office before I got the first pair out... and as you can see from my face, I am pretty chuffed!! 

Since launching MyTreat the goal has been to have our own branded underwear. We are beyond excited that it has finally arrived and it's soft and gorgeous. The Fabric is so light, and after 2 years learning what women want to wear, and asking in stores which brands are the highest sellers etc, we have developed a line that is based on being beautiful and super comfortable. 

We wanted to mix up the 'Jockeys' floral's with some wild patterns, and some bright colours, while sticking to a classic cut and creating underwear that sits well on NZ women. We know you want to feel fab from the base layer, so these styles and colours are a treat to wear each day. I knew our knickers had to feel as good as they look, so after our 3rd set of samples arrived made of 95% woven polyester and 5% spandex I knew we had the perfect mix. 

The best bit for our customers, aside from great quality, means you know exactly what you are going to get inside each box. It means when we post a photo of the 2 pairs of underwear this month, it will definitely be the pairs you receive. Previously we have had up to 10 styles per size, and so it has been a lucky dip as to what you receive, things will change next month however, when we send these babies out in our December boxes. SO Exciting!! 

As you may have guessed, this is all part of the reason we are reducing our new monthly subscriptions available to customers. To bring in our own brand means we need to be more organised when it comes to ordering and I have already had to give our quantities for half of next year. We looked at it from a conservative point of view and with the goal for 2019 to have more work, life balance and keep the team small and highly efficient, we decided we don't want to be the biggest, we don't want to be the cheapest (or the most expensive), we just want to be the best. 

These 2 beautiful pairs will be photographed a lot over the next month, and will be included in December boxes for ALL our underwear and body + underwear customers. Remember to sign up now before they are all gone...  Sign up here!

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