Mother Earth May

Soap is back! NZ brands like Ethique, Ahhh Cosmetics and Dirty Hippieare bringing back bars in favour of single use plastic bottles, here are the 10 reasons we chose these beautiful bars for our May Boxes! Discover our Mother Earth May treats here...

❤️Not just any soap... Ahhh Cosmetics use all natural ingredients.
❤️Use this treat instantly! These are treats you can enjoy every day of the month! 
❤️New Zealand made, with love by Ahhh... Cosmetics. 
❤️Better at removing bacteria than most store bought body washes!
❤️Longer lasting scent.
❤️Better for the planet, once it’s used it’s gone! 
❤️More environmentally friendly packaging, one less plastic bottle for every bar used. 
❤️Chemical free!
❤️Supporting innovative NZ business.
❤️Every soap looks beautiful!!!

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