It's hard to believe it's May already, we are cracking through this year and with one of our goals for 2018 to work on our sustainability policies we have just launched our Mother Earth May box. Loaded with earth friendly products, from the ingredients, to the sustainable way in which they are produced, and perhaps most importantly, the packaging, everything has been thought out so you can make more room for some eco-friendly essentials in your beauty routine. Over the last couple of months we have been working on implementing our own changes around the place to make sure all the waste from our HQ is recycled to the best of our ability. In Central Otago we are lucky that most of our curb side collections are recycled as they are stated on the lids of our bins. We have been talking to the local council to make sure we have as little impact possible, and researching how best to help you recycle your box treats, which is how our beautiful Mother Earth May box was born.

I will be honest, the initial thought of researching sustainability for a subscription box business seemed daunting, but what I have learned has been really positive, and reaching out to suppliers has been refreshing because producing eco-friendly packaging is on everyones radar. Coupled with the improvements in local recycling processes, all things are pointing to a better beauty industry. We definitely picked up a few important lessons along the way though, and look forward to improving our systems as we go. 

If there is one important thing we have learned throughout our recycling research, there is a great need to be more aware of what can and can't go in to our bins. When we throw a plastic container in our glass recycling bin, the whole thing goes to landfill. We know how busy everyone is, but we have found out that there are a few helpful tips which will help us all make a difference. We're not claiming to be the experts on environmental sustainability, but we are the experts on busy women, and how much work goes into our daily lives already, so we want to make things easy and simple. We are including our Girlfriends Guide to Recycling in every box, so we can help you implement a few small improvements and we can all feel better about the end of the life of each and every product we use.

Last month we introduced our customers to Nudi Point, and it is working with exciting new brands like this that we can achieve a more eco friendly box. Their cuticle butter helps encourage healthy, strong nails and while all the ingredients are natural, the glass packaging means you can wash and recycle, or even better, re-use easily. Another amazing natural New Zealand brand we are excited to be teaming up with is Little Mango for May. We are keen to reduce the plastic in each box, and their all natural deodorants contain no harmful aluminium and are beautifully packaged in glass tubs - which also means you can use every last drop.

Our other Mother Earth May body treats are all recyclable, plastic & cruelty free, and vegan. The cool autumn air can be cruel to our skin so we are delivering you products to help revive the moisture in your face and body, with eye serum, body oil, body bars, bathroom tools and more... including vouchers for some innovative New Zealand companies making eco-living more beautiful with everything from Beeswax wraps, re-usable straws, and EcoSaint cotton bags. We know this box is a little different, but it's every bit as exciting, and even better for the planet. We are looking forward to sending these out, and working with more amazing suppliers who are committed to a clean, green beauty industry.

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