Mental Health May Boxes Revealed

Mental Health May Boxes Revealed

We can’t send you wine, but we can send you 7 reasons to smile!! May is our Mental Health Month, last year the May Mental Health Box was launched and this year we are excited to be repeating the much loved box idea. We know there is so much to tackle mentally right now, from when it’s safe to leave your house, to how the next 12 months will look financially.

This box has tips, tricks and tools to help you take stock of the great things around you, and pamper your body and your mind. We want every May subscription customer to feel part of something special when they open this box so every product has been especially chosen because by now we know what our customers love most!

MyTreat boxes are not a surprise delivery (unless you intentionally avoid our social media posts like a handful of our surprise loving customers), this means we not only tell you in advance what is inside, we tell you all about it. We share tips for how to use it, and tell you about the wonderful people behind the amazing brands we work with. I’ve always been a bit disappointed when I’ve put my hand in the lucky dip barrel at the local AMP show, and I would never expect my customers to hand over their hard earned money and take a gamble on a surprise box. At MyTreat, the most important thing for our customers is full transparency, so we will let you know what to expect, and we will aim to surpass that! We know the calibre of our products help sell boxes, so we are only too happy to share every detail of them. 

The other thing we do is REWARD EVERYONE! MyTreat boxes usually have 5 treats inside. Instead of coming up with a new subscriber bonus gift that only the first 100 new subscribers get, when we include a freebie (like this month), of course our loyal and existing customers deserve one too! I got a bit disappointed when trustpower offered TV’s to new customers and not me, it made me realise these new customer type of deals are just not right! This month, everyone is getting the full 7 products, as a special incentive to get new people to sign up, but more importantly, to thank our existing customers.

This box is the one where you pop your feet up and let the products do the work! From a luxury night mask to replenish, to a radiance boosting Vitamin C enriched sheet mask to kick start your post lock down complexion, plus a powerful gel cleanser and more... This box is going to leave your skin sparkling clean, and feeling tight and fresh with 7 exciting body and beauty treats. 

6 Brands + 7 Products = 1 exciting box!

So Salt & Oil: So Uplifting
“All you need is a bath (or a bowl big enough for your feet) and 20 minutes. If you're a busy person, you can multi-task, and listen to a podcast, read a book (carefully!) or even get some work done while you’re soaking. But we recommend a total 20 minute, shut your brain down, mindful bath. We thrive, and actually become more productive, when we make time to rest, relax, and be un-busy.​ We use food grade Himalayan salt that is free from environmental pollutants. The Epsom salt is a rare, natural, food grade one. The essential oils we use are all natural. ​All our products are made by us in Northland. They are non-GMO, contain no fillers or flow agents, and are not tested on animals.”
So Salt & Oil

By Nature Hydro Jelly Night Mask
Super-charge your beauty sleep with the intensive replenishing goodness of skin quenching Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Glycerin, all combined into a light and cooling Jelly Mask. Formulated to re-hydrate the skin while you sleep, ready to face the next day ahead. Although the name appears a bit sciency, Hyaluronic Acid is a natural, highly active ingredient that fights dullness, fine lines and uneven tone and texture caused by daily UV exposure, stress and aging. Our Hyaluronic Acid is 100% non animal derived.

Radiance Boosting Vitamin C Mask
Vitamin C has many properties the skin can benefit from such as evening out skin tones and improving hydration. Its anti-oxidant properties can help to reduce inflammation and promotes healthy collagen production. All the benefits help to keep the skin looking refreshed and radiant for longer. The Marine Collagen in the Rata & Co. Face Mask formulation helps soothe and moisturize the skin, while promoting firmness and elasticity. Treat your skin. Treat yourself.

Wet'n'Wild Liquid Eyeliner
Every body box and body and underwear box subscriber will receive this cruelty free liquid eyeliner so you can accentuate your side eye to make sure social distancing is observed wherever you go... Plus NZ made hand treats to help you re-emerge into the real world, and natural skincare, luxury body products to help you relax!

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