What's Inside Our May Subscription Boxes?

What's Inside Our May Subscription Boxes?

After the craziness of the past 2 years, mental Health care has never been more important. Take some time out for YOU, and treat your body with gentle, soothing products that encourage self positivity. We are in an incredible position here at MyTreat to be able to to reach 1500 woman across the country, and we want to ensure each and every one of them feels seen, heard and knows they aren't alone. Breaking the taboo is the first step, the next - YOU. 

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This year's Body Box is packed with tips, tricks, and tools to help you take stock of the greatness that is YOU, and nourish your body and your mind. Each of the products chosen for this box had to be an enlightening, uplifting experience, to encourage you take a moment to truly appreciate your beauty and relish in the divine textures, formulas, and aromas.

C O C O Bay Royal Serum
RRP $55.00
Treat yourself like the queen you are with the divine ROYAL Face Serum. Designed to repair the skin, add moisture, and help with the skin’s natural renewal process, all while awakening your inner queen and releasing your ROYAL glow. Infused overnight in citrine crystals as citrine is known to promote abundance, joy and confidence. This serum combines pure, high-quality ingredients and gems from the earth (literally), because your skin deserves nothing less.

Akaia Blends Gentle Renew Milky Cleanser
RRP $23.00
Super gentle, PH balanced, fragrance-free and nourishing as it purifies, this milky cleanser is guaranteed to head straight to the front of the skincare cabinet. Created by Akaia Blends, who wanted to create a cleanser that doesn't leave the skin feeling irritated, stripped and dry. Perfect as we head towards winter and our skin requires a little more nourishment due to exposure from the drier, cooler air.

By Nature Foot Scrub with Peppermint Oil, Cucumber and Manuka Honey
(RRP $7.99)
A refreshing, nourishing Foot scrub enriched with the power of New Zealand Active Manuka Honey, skin calming Aloe Vera, fragrant Peppermint Oil and Vitamins A, C & E to polish and smooth dry, cracked & rough feet and heels.

  • Ocean friendly micro bead free
  • Cooling effect from peppermint soothes tired, sore feet
  • For all skin types

Tiaki Deeply Hydrating Sheet Mask 
(RRP $3.99)
A face mask can work wonders when you are feeling blue and are in need of a breather. Pop on a candle, pour a wine or a cuppa and just sit back and allow your mind to rest while your skin soaks in all the goodness. This Tiaki Sheet Mask, going in our May box, is infused with rosehip oil, manuka honey and collagen to boost the skin, deeply nourishing and hydrating, leaving your skin glowing and your mind hopefully a little clearer.

Nudi Point
Chakra Lava Stone Bracelet (RRP $12.00) 
Smile Essential Oil Blend (RRP $22.00) 
Nudi Point always comes through when we are on the hunt for natural well-being treats, and when we saw this beautiful range of lava stone jewellery we knew it would be PERFECT for our Mental Health May box. Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic and uplifting 'Smile Essential Oil Blend' throughout your day by applying a few drops to the porous lava stones and breathing in deep when you need it.

Plus the Body Box PLUS and the Body Box LUXE have never looked better! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for more sneaky peeks at this extra special theme. 

Subscribe & save over $180 on skin and body care over 3 months! 


Each Body Box is $38.95 and includes over $100 of value, so a 3 month subscription will cost you $116.85 and include over $300 worth of skin and body products! See what our subscribers have to say here... 

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