Meet Tricia & Mandy from Wild Kiwihearts

Meet Tricia & Mandy from Wild Kiwihearts

Meet the dream duo from a business that is completely new to our MyTreat boxes - Wild Kiwihearts.
I met with Mandy and Tricia earlier this year at the cozy Kaimai cafe. We were introduced to each other from a loyal MyTreat Subscriber - Kerie, who suggested Wild Kiwihearts products would be an awesome addition to our boxes! So over coffee and food, Mandy, Tricia, and I got talking about the potential of working together and bonded over a shared love of small NZ businesses working together. I got to see the amazing range of products they had and together we decided that their beautiful Magnesium and Kawakawa Body Butter was the perfect fit for our June box.
Wild Kiwi Hearts X Mytreat

About Wild Kiwihearts

Wild Kiwihearts started with Tricia, an avid gardener passionate about growing organic vegetables at home. After experiencing clean ingredients in her food, she wanted to try to control the products going on her skin - as the ingredients in skincare are absorbed into your bloodstream. She started to create her own skincare, sharing her homemade batches with friends who experienced skin issues, which she received great feedback. Tricia, who had normal-type skin herself, wanted to tweak the recipe to be suitable for all skin types. Having grown up in the Coromandel, Tricia had grown up surrounded by nature, so it was a natural thought process to include Kawakawa and Kumerahou in her recipes, which are known for their skin balancing properties.

The end result was a multi purpose face moisturizer for normal skin, problem skin such as eczema and psoriasis, baby's cradle cap or skin that was dry, sore or red. There are now many users that have balanced their skin issues and simply love it. This was the beginning of Wild Kiwihearts.

Tricia Wild Kiwihearts

When visiting her long time friend - Mandy, she spoke about her current project, which Mandy wanted to be involved with immediately. Mandy also had a passion for healthy living and values of choosing natural, organic, NZ made, sustainable products. Mandy brought her business skills and endless energy to the table and took on the mammoth job of getting the products into sustainable packaging, labelling, all to comply with Cosmetics NZ and export protocol.

The ingredients are all still the same apart from the addition of aloe vera instead of water. The quality has not been compromised, just as they were originally created, for a purpose, and every drop counts. 

Mandy Wild Kiwihearts

Mandy continues to play the full time role of administration, organization and posting the many orders, while Tricia drives around the country visiting stockists, supporting them with marketing material to help them the best they can be.

Wild Kiwihearts sells online and  now have their products in 120  private shops around NZ that resonate with a boutique quality product. The stockists can be seen on their website -

Magnesium and Kawakawa body Cream

The Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream was also created from helping a friend.  It has many natural anti inflammatory ingredients that now help many relieving pain of all kinds, mainly restless legs, cramp, arthritis, sleeping issues, arthritis and general pain. Many people say it helps that no other product has done for them before, from feedback from friends and customers kept the journey going forward that it was a good thing to pursue.


 These lovely ladies are offering an exclusive MyTreat discount so you can try the incredible skin duo seen above - the The Hemp and Pomegranate Moisturiser and The Kumerahou and Kaolin Clay Cleanser - which doubles as a natural face mask.  

Just head over to their website here Use the promo code 'MYTREAT" for 50% off this set! (RRP $89)

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