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Meet the fabulous lady behind Justine's Cookies!

Coming in this month's November Empower Me Box are these delicious, nutritious, guilt-free cookies from Justine's! Empowering your body has a lot to do with what we put inside it, and protein is crucial for getting some amino acids to build and repair bones and muscles, and increase energy. But, we believe taste should also be taken into account! If you have tried protein cookies before you may know most aren’t entirely pleasant, but these Justine’s cookies may prove that wrong. With delicious flavours like Choc Fudge, Raspberry White Choc, Double Choc Cream and more, you can enjoy a sweet indulgence with your cuppa, or use as a quick brekkie or workout snack. Each cookie is Keto friendly and guilt-free - (yes please!) Another new brand to our boxes, Justines Cookies make getting in that extra protein super quick and easy.

Protein supplements are great for supplying the body with much-needed amino acids, to build and repair bones and muscles, and increase energy. When we tried Justine's Cookies we were pleasantly surprised that they not only delivered a great source of protein but were also super delicious and keto-friendly!

Grab yourself a quick bite before heading out the door, to recover post-workout or simply to get in a dose of protein and satisfy your sweet tooth! Purchase more from the website here and stock up on your favourite flavour or try a mixed box for some variety - perfect for the cupboard at work, in the handbag to curb hunger on the go, in the car or to pair with a cuppa.

Justine's Cookies started with an edible spoon that won the best grocery product in the world out of 27 Countries at the Sial D’or food show in Paris in 2002.
Fueled by this success, Justine started to develop her own protein-fortified cookie & brownie range that was just as nutritious as they were delicious!
At the time though, there wasn't much available for people like herself who were Gluten & dairy intolerant and eager to find non-refined sugar alternatives. So, she decided to create a range that would fill this gap in the market and create something keto-friendly, vegan, Halal, diabetic-friendly and accommodating to people like herself with dietary restrictions.

This became a huge success that led to Justine being a finalist in the 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of the Year Awards, and the company won the 2013 Deloitte Fast 50 award for 'Fastest growing manufacturer'.

Having established her company in 2005, these delicious protein cookies and brownies can now be found in supermarkets in New Zealand and in 19 other markets worldwide!

Justine's Cookies are expanding their range to include more nutritious goodness for keto lovers and more, with Protein Cookie Crumbs! These pouches of Crumbs can be used as a base for a keto cheesecake, can be sprinkled over a dessert, layered through a parfait and even on yoghurt for a super easy and oh-so-delicious dessert.

Look out for the launch of pouches of keto-friendly dark chocolate and white chocolate chips! As well as a larger range of cookie crumbs with flavours like; Choc Chip, Orange Dark Choc Chip, Mint Dark Choc chip, Caramel Dark choc Chip Raspberry White Choc Chip.
Or, stock up for Christmas with the new Keto Vanilla Shortbread heart-shaped cookies, Keto Gingerbread Cake Mix, and low carb Christmas Cake mix!



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