Meet Natalie, The Boss Babe behind Pera

Meet Natalie, The Boss Babe behind Pera

We are featuring the incredible Pera 'Forget Fuzz' Razors in our upcoming October Glow Box to dermaplane the skin - removing the surface layer of dead skin, surface debris and peach fuzz, leaving the face silky smooth, fresh and radiant. You will be stunned at how satisfying it is to watch all the gunk and hair come away! 

Note - When you dermaplane, you are removing very, very fine hair called vellus hair. Don't worry, this hair is so thin and soft that removing it with a dermaplaning tool will have little to no impact on how it looks when it grows back

Pera is an online magazine platform for some calming, light reads and short stories to enjoy as you have your morning cuppa or with a glass of wine after work. So relax, unwind and escape into the aesthetic content and choose between reads that are enlightening, interesting and, as a bonus - short and sweet. The magazine focuses on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness, as well as a small range of beauty tools on the Pera shop. Created by local kiwi - Natalie, who started the online platform as a hobby alongside her full-time job. With an aptitude for writing, and a love for fashion, health, beauty and well-being, she wanted to combine her passions and write about topics that she found interesting in the hopes that others might too.

Pera ABout

Natalie grew up in Napier, with one older brother and two beautiful dogs, and moved to Christchurch at 19 to attend University. Natalie grew up very active, the likes of beauty and fashion not particularly a concern. "The likes of beauty and fashion weren’t really on my radar, so I would never have thought I would be running a small biz like this. Though my interest in all the aforementioned topics grew a lot as I entered my early twenties, and by the time I was 25 I had decided to start Pera."

Natalie from Pera

"The hobby business journey is an interesting one, but rewarding one at that. Balancing a job where you work 10 hours a day, 5 days per week, and trying to get a website with an ecommerce component of the ground does have its challenges. However, starting a hobby business will teach you things you would otherwise never learn, and that is one of the best parts about the journey."

pera magazine

When we asked Natalie what her plans are for Pera's future, she stated - "At this stage, Pera will remain a hobby business for the next couple of years however who knows what the future holds! I would love to expand the Pera product range at some point (still in the beauty tool realm), and may add an extra category to the magazine component of Pera."

Cupping Pera Beauty Tools

Along with Dermaplaning tools, Pera also sells 'Cupping' tools which are small silicone cups that cause a suction effect to help plump and increase circulation, reduce puffiness and increase lymphatic drainage - for firmer, brighter skin. Try the Body Set or Facial Set, retailing from only $12.99. Read all about cupping and its benefits at the Pera blog here.

"I also wanted to dabble in beauty tools, two in particular that I had struggled to find in stores. Both facial cupping and dermaplaning are two super simple forms of self care, and neither of them take too much time or effort to complete. I had found myself some dermaplaning razors and silicone cups in local stores, though their quality and look wasn’t the best. So I set out to find razors and cupping sets that were of a high quality and could be used repeatedly, but I also wanted them to be affordable for women."

All MyTreat Subscribers will receive two Pera Forget Fuzz Razors in their October Glow Box, which are a fantastic at home alternative to the typically expensive spa dermaplaning treatment.

Pera Razor

"After testing about 14 different samples of razors from multiple suppliers, I came across what is now known as the ‘forget fuzz’ dermaplaning razor. The handles are constructed from wheat straw and the razor blade is made from Swedish stainless steel, which together make a great quality beauty tool that any woman can have in her personal beauty kit. And as for the facial and body cupping sets, these went through a similar process until the product turned out right. Silicone cups can be used for up to 20years before they start to lose their structure, so once you have your set, you’ll be set for a long time to come."

These tools can last up to 3 dermaplaning sessions, which can be used once every 2-4 weeks once your cells have renewed, and fine hairs grow back. (Don't worry, the hairs won't grow back any differently!)

Here's a video of Kylee showing you how dermaplaning works! 


We can't wait for subscribers to give dermaplaning a go! If you haven't signed up yet, don't miss out - click the link here.

Our final question to Natalie was what her favourite form of self-care was, to which she responded - "My favourite form of self care is very basic. My weeks are usually rather full, so come Saturday morning I love to wake up early and go for a wee walk around the block and listen to a podcast or some music, then when I return, I usually slather some facial oil on my face and treat myself to a mini cupping facial while my plunger coffee is brewing. I don’t think selfcare needs to always be elaborate or involve day spas and expensive aspects, something as simple as a few hours of ‘me time’ can go a long way."
Natalie has been kind enough to offer our followers a 15% discount at her shop with the code - PERATREAT.

Valid on all Pera products until 4/12/21.

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