Meet Blair from Nudi Point

Meet Blair from Nudi Point

Blair has been supplying us with his stunning products for years now and is one of MyTreat's biggest supporters. He has help us to include in our subscription boxes everything from teeth whitening, amazing facially yours face serum to this month's damage control essential oil spray for joint and muscle relief. 
Blair is always a pleasure to deal with and nothing ever seems to be a problem with him so we asked him some questions to get to know the man behind the beautiful smile. 

What do you enjoy the most in your work? 

I feel so blessed and appreciative of the fact that I have created a life where I can work from home which is a stunning 10 acre block of paradise in Takahue Valley, where Nudi Point (the secret swimming hole where the name came from) exists. I love that our factory is here, I love getting the feedback we do from our customers letting us know that our products have healed or helped a condition they've had for years, or that their skin has never looked better, or other things like that. I love being able to travel around this beautiful country, meeting new and existing stockists and attending expos where we get to meet face to face with new and existing customers and have amazing chats about what they love and why.

What inspired you to do what you are doing? 

I studied and was certified in Aromatherapy when I was a teenager. Since I can remember I have been fascinated with nature and all things natural - essential oils being one of the most interesting things I've had a passion for my entire life. When I was in my mid-twenties, I became increasingly aware of the chemicals and synthetic ingredients cosmetic, skin and hair care companies were putting in their products. I have always put product in my hair and started wondering if what I was putting in it was going to make my hair fall out later in life! I conducted a bit of research and ordered some ingredients and gave a go and making a hair pomade. The result was INCREDIBLE and so I thought "I wonder what else I can start to make?". This lead me on this incredible journey to where we are today with over 60 stockists in NZ and growing fast.

What hobbies and activities do you like to take part in? 

I sing and write music, with my guitar and piano. That's probably my biggest passion after Nudi Point (or fair equal?!). I love gardening, playing with my dog Storm (Labrador-Retriever), spending time with family and friends, oh and travel! I love travel. Obviously just around NZ at the moment!

What advice do you wish you knew or would you give? 

Don't take anything too seriously! We all make far too much of all of this and I am 100% in this category a lot of the time. I think life is meant to be enjoyed - it's meant to be joyful. The bumps we go through just give us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and carve out even better futures for ourselves and others. Do what makes you happy! It could be the smallest thing like a walk on the beach, playing with your dog, having a pamper day... but we all need to take the time out of our busy schedules to make ourselves feel good. It makes us better to be around so it's not selfish ;)

Blair has a special gift for the MyTreat family and is offering a massive 25% discount on all online orders placed before the 20th of April so head over to Nudi Point and use the code MYTREATMARCH to take up this incredible offer. 


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