May Boxes Revealed

May Boxes Revealed

This month is dedicated to everyone who has ever felt not good enough. Any woman who has felt challenged beyond fairness, but who has battled through with courage to the other side. If this is you, or has ever been you, let us make it perfectly clear to you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Because mental health affects us all, either by experiencing the challenges ourselves, or because we know and love someone who lives with daily struggles, this month our subscription box is nick-named our Mental Healthy May-day box, and we cant wait to fill your mailbox with 9 + treats in each box. 

We are in a very unique position of being in regular communication with a large number of women around New Zealand and we know from the emails we receive (aside from the government stats), that anxiety and depression is common for our customers to experience. Up to one in 4 women will experience this first hand. That is hundreds of my customers, so I feel an overwhelming responsibility to drive home the self love and self care message this month, including teaming up with some amazing influencers and Mum bosses, who embody what real beauty is. We want to encourage a positive body image, send you beautiful New Zealand made skincare and beauty treats, plus tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy balance, and a positive mindset. 

Last weekend we had the opportunity to be part of a beautiful photography session. Our models included 4 gorgeous women, sized 14 to 20 and it was so confronting to listen to them talk about themselves, their journey to self acceptance and how this experience affected them. In a good way. We are raising daughters and sons, and we need them to understand how incredible woman's bodies are, and how each and every part of us is as deserving of respect, care and admiration as our size 10 counter part. Those of you who follow a lot of New Zealand's most popular influencers will know there is a lot of body shaming and negative comments going around at the moment, and I really want to help all my customers understand how much power we have as a collective MyTreat community. We ONLY want to send our boxes to women who understand how the way they treat people has a flow on affect, and we hope that by starting with sending 1400 women boxes of positive vibes, lots of love, and high quality self care, we will start a ripple affect. If I can help make you feel great with this box, and you can help spread those positive messages to your sons, daughters, sisters, mother and friends, we can help spread a little more love around the whole country. If this message doesn't resonate with you, and you are someone who does get angry easily, or takes out their frustrations on others, we know you are probably going through so much yourself, but feeling good truly starts with how you make other people feel, and your luck will turn around if you approach situations with compassion and kindness. This box is also a special Thank You to our amazing customers who do share their stories with us, and to all the gorgeous women who see value in treating themselves to a little box of goodness. 

The hero's of this box is the beautiful  Rata & Co. Probiotic Face Cream  AND the Rata & Co. Acai Fruit and Ginseng Extract Facial Oil, loaded with antioxidants to smooth fine lines, repair skin imperfections and target dull lifeless skin. These two facial care treats retail for over $39.00 and are a natural and New Zealand made product we cant wait to deliver. This facial care duo will provide the perfect little time out treat so you can indulge in some self-care, but we are not stopping there:

  • A beautiful 495ml New Zealand made Body Wash, enriched with coconut oil and naturally extracted chamomile essential oil so it will support relaxation before bed. The Aromatherapy Body range from By Nature Skincare is gentle on skin, natural, and is large enough to last you all month (plus!). The idea behind this body wash is we want you to take a moment and forget all the things you normally think about, plan, organise and reorganise while having your 5 minutes of solitude, and just enjoy the hot water and your gorgeous natural body wash, scented lightly and set to leave your body hydrated and cleansed.  Beyond skincare, taking care of our bodies is about maintaining a level head and good balance, if you’re like us and haven’t quite worked out how to squeeze a daily mindfulness session into your busy life, May box treats will help you create a little special space in your bathroom for some extra pamper time, while making sure your skin is looked after with high quality By Nature Body Wash. The natural extraction process means the molecule count is higher, this helps to ensure our limbic system can absorb the active ingredients inside and help send you off to sleep feeling calm and clean. 
  • The Nudi Point Charcoal infused toothbrush is sustainably made and plastic free. Included in each May box, these toothbrushes are the future of healthy teeth, with chemical free whitening that doesn’t make a mess!! This will last you at least 1 - 2 months. If you are someone who goes for the occasional hygiene polish or are in search of a natural treat that will whiten your smile without any shady ingredients you don’t know the names of, this is a super easy and planet friendly alternative that really works. Save yourself time, money and from being exposed to chemical nasties. 
  • Rata & Co Probiotic Facial Oil 
  • Rata & Co Probiotic Face Cream 
  • Soul food... this month we have a few delicious and healthy treats for you to snack on. The idea is that you can truly take some YOU time to enjoy skincare, sweet treats, and healthy snacks that taste so good, plus if you have any little hands that try to get into your skincare supplies, you can fend them off with some sweet tasting bribery. 
  • The Gratitude diary... to compliment our magazine this notebook is a great place to store your never ending to do lists, or if you want to take a little time for reflection this is a great tool a lot of our Boss Mum's can relate to using regularly. We would LOVE you to use this as part of your self-care routine and look forward to hearing exerts from you as you smash goals, bust societal myths and expectations, and remind yourself of all the incredible and worthy achievements you have already accomplished. 
  • A little bit of the earth... in the form of a Sodalite crystal. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, it brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. Sodalite balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies. 
  • .... Oh yeah, and a couple of pairs of SUPER comfortable & beautiful MyTreat branded underwear! 


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Im a 45 yr old mother of 6 and grandmother to 6. I don’t have a lot of money and for years have gone without. Its hard for me to justify spending huge amounts of $ on skincare hair etc. As a result my skin looked tiered and dull and I felt the way my skin looked. $14 per week for me to look and feel alive and looked after is absolutely affordable. My kids blindfold me when my treat box arrives and video me holding all my products trying to guess what it is. I love love love my treats each month and feel grateful this is available to me. No more holy underwear and good skin to boot. Yuss bring on May treat box.xox

Kylie Brown

Thank you for the amazing thought and care that you put into these boxes!! I always look forward to receiving them each month and it makes me feel super special.

Erin King

I have loved receiving my boxes, they are great and give me a monthly smile they are so well put together and a gteat range of products. I love the underwear, so comfortable and now i never have to by any. Keep up the great work and thankyou for your love that you all put into it.

Leanne Tewhatu

I have really enjoyed reading all that you have said. Thank you I suffer from depression and it’s hard some days to get motivated or get out of bed. But at the end of the day I say to my self tomorrow is another day and hope it will be good. Thank you For all the comments you have said. I have really loved all your products I have received but sadly with money so short I have to stop buying. So I will enjoy all that I have.

Rose Green

How amazing is this! Reading through what the May box is about just brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been experiencing the dark cloud over my head lately and we always hope our silver lining comes. Well, I’m so excited even more so now to get my box this month. Thank you so much for reminding us that mental health isn’t something to be ashamed of, and that even in our darkest moments we can try and pick ourselves up with a treat in this months box. You totally have my support as a loyal customer xxx

Lara Houghton

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