Sweet Dreams March Box

Sweet Dreams March Box

This months theme is all about the importance of sleep, with providing you with the self-care essentials to ensure you feel well rested every night, so you can be at your best every single day!

This box is already packed full of 5 full-size products AND a beautiful Linden leaves Bon Bon, but as a treat, we have decided to include the ByNature 100% pure, Squalane Face Oil for all new subscriptions. So, this month only, receive all 6 of the subscription box products PLUS a free gift! For only $38.95 Plus Shipping, this is dreamy box is full of value, don't miss out!

Note - During our start of year stock-take we found an entire box of this wonderful oil that had been forgotten about, and has now exceeded it's best before date. But, after researching we found that it is still completely usable, so instead of letting them go to waste, we thought we would give them away free to all new subscribers this month. The oil is technically best before October 2020, since it is has no parabens or chemicals it has an early expiry, but 'Typically, squalane oils can last about two years if stored well.'  (Stored in a cool dry place behind a stack of boxes in our warehouse!)

 "Squalane is very stable and has a long shelf life. But with that said, all oils eventually go bad or become rancid. Typically, squalane oils can last about two years if stored well (away from heat and light)."


You may or may not already know that sleep is one of the biggest contributing factors to mental health, and with 1 in 4 women experiencing mental health issues in NZ, we needed to create a box that provides our subscribers with all the essentials to aid them to the perfect night's rest. Not sleeping can be due to a huge variety of reasons, so our Sweet Dreams March Box is packed with a collection of beautiful, natural products, infused with powerful sleep inducing essential oils like; lavender, chamomile and cedarwood, to cure achy muscles and sore eyes, set up a soothing sleep environment and immerse your senses in tranquility. Each of the New Zealand  businesses featured in this months box have been named amongst the top favourite brands by our loyal subscribers; Ahhh Cosmetics, Nudi Point, Linden Leaves, Sirius Skincare and Arture, because they never fail to surprise us with incredible, natural and effective products.

NUDI POINT DAMAGE CONTROLThe first product in the box is the Nudi Point ‘Damage Control’ essential oil spray. Muscle aches and pains are frustrating at the best of times, but when you’re trying to sleep it can be down right infuriating! Whether your muscle pain is from injury, arthritis, stress or no reason at all, the ‘Damage Control’ Joint & Muscle Relief Spray from Nudi point is an absolute godsend! Spritz this miracle worker onto your targeted area or area's and notice within minutes the pain start to fade. This Damage Control Blend is a powerful concoction of the very best essential oils for pain relief, combined into one easy to use spray bottle form. With woodsy scents of cinnamon, cloves and lavender, you can now ditch the bedside panadol for this wonderful, natural reliever, that smells as soothing as it feels!


Another big contributing factor to a restless sleep and everyday life, is hormones! Hormonal changes can make it difficult to sleep, then in turn, sleep deprivation affects our hormone levels so it can become a vicious cycle. Hormonal imbalance can have you feeling blue and fatigued, but ironically, unable to sleep. Your hormones are affected by such a huge variety of factors, like your menstrual cycle, but also by the foods we eat & drink, makeup, travelling and even light. This Hormone Balance roll-on was specially formulated by Debra at Sirius Skincare, who has battled years of endometriosis. To help aid her pain and to help others who suffer from hormonal imbalance, she created this super blend of essential oils to keep you feeling calm, balanced and at your best all day long.

Lavender Love soap

Ahhh Cosmetics has been famous in our boxes for making products that always smell incredible! The dreamy Lavender Love Soap is no different, leaving skin silky smooth and smelling of soothing lavender, you can lather generously in the shower or bath for that wonderful ‘ahhh’ feeling before bed. Made with only natural ingredients and coconut oil, you’ll be hopping out of the shower feeling nourished and ready for a wonderful sleep. 

We were so excited to get our hands on the gorgeous Linden Leaves Lavender & Cedarwood Bon Bon’s for this months box, as they are guaranteed to give you that exciting feeling of getting your own present, as well as the luxury treats found in these Bon Bons! Crack open your Bon Bon to reveal the dreamy duo; A mini ‘Absolute Dreams’ body oil, for glowy, hydrated skin, and The ‘Lavender & Cedarwood Natural Hand Cream’ to keep hands young and luscious. Both of these are the perfect travel size to keep close to you during the day for when you need a little hydration or calmness, and being infused with soothing lavender and tranquil cedarwood to  help promote that perfect night's sleep. 

As your environment can also play a significant role in getting a good sleep, it is a great idea to try and create a relaxing sleep space by decluttering your room and making it sleep ready and feeling like a sanctuary. The ‘Sweet Dreams’ Room & Pillow Spray from Sirius Skincare is a serene blend of lavender, witch hazel, chamomile and cedarwood essential oils, so you can just spritz directly onto pillows and in your bedroom to create a tranquil sleep space. Each of the oils in this bottle are proven to encourage feelings of safety and relaxation, while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, so a quick few sprays can easily become an evening ritual before you lay your head down! 

And last but not at all least the 6th product for this months box is the Arture Eye Compress Pads. Our eyes are extremely sensitive, and lack of fluids, staring at screen's all day, allergies, poor diet or lack of sleep can make our eyes irritated, dry or puffy. These Eye Pad Compresses can be used hot or cold and can give you that ‘spa feeling’ of cooling cucumber, or, if used warm, will help aid with tension and achy eyes at the end of the day. These pads are made to be used again and again, and can alternate between the fridge or a cup of warm water whenever your eyes are feeling sore, puffy or tense. Or why not combine with one of your recent facemasks for a 10 min break to calm your mind. With soothed, relaxed eyes, you may find you can finally get some decent ‘shut eye’! 


Following on from our February self love box, the value of this box is sure to empress you and because mental health and sleep are directly linked, ensuring a good night's rest is also going to make sure you feel your best every day!

All this value for only $38.95 plus shipping, or just $12 a week including postage means this self love treat box is affordable for everyone so If you haven’t subscribed for your monthly treat box yet, don't miss out, as you will regret missing out on this one.   SIGN ME UP

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