Loco for Coco...

Loco for Coco...

Actually though... I am crazy about serums at the best of times, I love the luxury feeling that your skin has and I especially love the dewy glow that gets you away without having to lather your skin in make up. Serum, mascara, a good lip gloss and I am all set! So when Nicola and her gorgeous products rolled across our desk, we were VERY excited!! Coco Bay Royal Skin Serum is nutrient rich, it will hydrate and repair, and help you maintain your skin while quietly repairing your largest organs and loading it with antioxidants! It is also unique, it's infused with Citrine so it is a powerful balance of 'fix and maintain', and for anyone over 30, this product should be one you use daily! 

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We asked Nicola to outline what she loves about the process behind creating her range, and how she uses her products!

How you use this product?
I use ROYAL at night on a clean face especially in times when my skin requires a moisture boost and some TLC. The overnight repair process is both beautiful and generous. I apply between 3-5 drop of oil to my face and neck. I loving press ROYAL onto my skin opposed to “rubbing it in” . I take the time to fully appreciate the smell of the oils and the goodness my skin is about to receive.
Once I get into bed, I make a point of adding a drop or two to my hands as an overnight moisture boost too."

What are the interesting/ key features or benefits of this product?
"This ROYAL serum is infused with Citrine. Citrine brings joy, abundance, confidence and personal power to the wearer. I believe these to be key elements to help every woman be the best version of herself.
Another interesting fact about ROYAL is that I wrote the formula after one of my many trips to Cairo when I visited the Pyramids.
ROYAL is 100% pure, natural and organic designed to repair the skin, add moisture and aid in the skins natural renewal process."

What inspired you to create this product?
"I knew I wanted to add a serum to my range but it had to benefit women not only externally but internally as well. I wanted to created a serum that complimented a woman's worth that also added value to her overall wellbeing. I want every woman to awaken the Queen within and give her skin the ROYAL treatment."

What has been most exciting part of doing business for you?
"I’ve gone through stages of what I “thought” was “exciting” about doing business, but, after much trial and error, the most exciting thing for me has been the realisation of my ability to have patience, perseverance and persistence.
Working clearly, honourably and consciously has led me to great opportunities just like this one with MY TREAT."

What’s your favourite form of self care? Why do you think it’s important?
"My self care requirements change depending on my needs and mood.
For example, sometimes I require healing or a massage, other times a bestie catch up does wonders. I like to take time out by myself to reflect, I pop on a face mask and listen to my favourite music. I love taking a long uninterrupted bath, I make it a thing! I surround myself with crystals, bath salts, candles, music and I give myself permission to relax and unwind. Any form of self care is important. Self care can be as easy or as grandiose as you want, do what you can with what you have. As women, recharging our emotional mental and physical batteries should be a non negotiable act. Make time for yourself ladies! You’re worth it, you deserve it and you’ll be a better person for it"

Tell us a bit about who you are outside of work?
"I come from a big family and have many siblings. I’m quite introverted however those closest to me laugh when I say this and are quick to state otherwise.
I wear many hats outside of work like most women do. I juggle family, kids, home, work, life and friendships. I have a beautiful space in my home where I offer 1:1 healing sessions for women. This is part of my life’s purpose and journey. It’s who I am and part of my DNA. Being of service in this way is extremely fulfilling and something I take very seriously. I always have a beautiful candle burning in my house. To me, there is nothing more soothing to my head and heart than a clean beautiful smelling home."
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