Lets talk Lemon and Beaker and their beautiful Sheet Mask

Lets talk Lemon and Beaker and their beautiful Sheet Mask

Lemon & Beaker Microcurrent Galvanic Sheet Mask...

We had featured this mask earlier this year in our Luxe boxes only, and have had so many requests ever since to include it in the main subscription box! This isn't surprising, as these masks are incredibly effective and provide a huge burst of hydration.


This highly advanced, luxurious sheet mask works with a Galvanic device, or as a spa-grade Galvanic Treatment on its own! Infused with 8 different Hyaluronic Acids, ceramides, probiotics, and manuka essential oil, this mask is going to leave your skin glowing, moisturized, and beautiful for much longer than your typical sheet mask, as the Microcurrent prints help the skin absorb the serum 20 times faster which leads to better results.



What is a Galvanic Treatment?

A Galvanic Treatment is a form of facial that uses a direct electrical current to introduce water soluble substances deeper into the surface of the skin through 'lontophoresis'. Which is also known as a needleless injection due to its effectiveness of skin permeation. This means that each of these incredible ingredients will go deeper than the surface epidermis layer, absorbing into the 'dermis' into the skin and be much more effective (wow)

Even if you just love a good face mask, and don't worry about the facts this one is the one for you to try! 

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