Sneaky peek at June Boxes

Sneaky peek at June Boxes

Some how we are already half way through the year! Christmas is a distant memory and those long sunny days have been replaced by leaving and arriving home from work when it’s almost dark, and / or hanging out way more indoors! I actually LOVE winter, there is something a little bit magical about the crispness of the air when it freezes over, and the views of the white mountain tops. Except, not all of us go skiing, and not all of us live close to the mountains… but we DO all have a few things in common. Winter is a good time to focus on your skin and establish a healthy self-care routine that will take you all the way through to the next silly season.

• We all sit and live in heated spaces more often
• We all need a hit of vitamin C
• Our immunity is a focus for us and our families

So our June subscription boxes have been crafted with extra special care. There is hydration for your body and hands, luxury brands we love, New Zealand made everything, and handy winter soothing remedies the whole family can enjoy.

The June body box alone has more than $110 of value this month and 6 products PLUS a freebie we just had to send. If you want to save over $60 on practical, full size, skin, body and face care essentials that you can seamlessly insert into your usual routine, or start properly hydrating and taking care of your skin then this month is the perfect time to embark on your MyTreat journey.

Your skin is your largest organ, and this box has just what you need to survive the shortest days! Bees Brilliance, By Nature, Goodness and more….


I love it when my goody box arrives. I’m always excited as I open and look thru each item and think about which one I would use first.
My skin is having such a pampering like never before.

Rosemary Eruera

Love love love the boxes It’s like Xmas when they arrive Good job you guys❤️💕💜

Rhona Whitham

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