June Box Sneak Peek

June Box Sneak Peek

We are very excited this month to offer some beautiful new brands to the MyTreat family in June. Okana skincare are contributing a beautiful, full size toner this month to deliver clean, fresh and healthy pores so your winter skin does not dry out. Winter is that time of year where our skin is exposed to harsh climates, and then quite often, dry artificial heating all day. We heard of Okana a long time ago, and love their natural approach to skincare. The option to include this treat was an easy decision and we know your pores will thank us. 

With the support of her husband, Auckland based Vibs set out to create Okana, a skincare brand we can trust. She was increasingly aware of the side effects of stabilisers and knew there was a better alternative to these harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. You have probably heard of Okana, this range is all class. Using the highest concentration of natural active ingredients to deliver high potency skincare that works yet is gentle on our skin… and that is SO natural, you can eat it. Armed with an understanding of the beauty industry, and how the body works to absorb everything we lather on our skin, Vibs has created the range from plant based ingredients, using no chemicals to make pure skincare. 

We are so excited to work with Little Mango Natural Deodorants this month. Nominated for the Best In Beauty 2019 Bauer Beauty Awards, this brand has been growing significantly over the last few years due to the fact their product really works. We still hear from customers who used this treat in May 2018 who are loyal Little Mango customers and while its always good to have one less plastic container out there, the Little Mango deoderants are pure, natural and good for our bodies too. Plus their variety of scents is one of the most vast in the natural deoderant industry. 

And to finish off your routine we are sending you off to sleep with a New Zealand made night cream. This will work hard to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep, helping your skin fight the harsh climate and daily elements, and repair itself while you rest easy. Each month we try to offer a great variety of treats and when looking at this box, we felt the only thing missing was the icing on your skincare routine cake. If you want to introduce someone to a healthy skincare routine, or if you are looking to invest in your complexion, the next few months are specialised around the face. Our team has been busy sourcing products that as well as being a beautiful surprise to open, these treats are packed with natural antioxidants, fruit and plant extracts, and effective ingredients. 

Your skin is an indicator of how your body is feeling. If you feel like your face care routine needs some extra love, and you would like to march head first into winter confident about your beautiful and glowing complexion, these boxes will give you 15 minutes of peace and quiet throughout the month, plus they will help improve your skin. 

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Just been reading about the new items in the June box. They sound exiting to be able to use. May have to think about ordering the June box

Rose Green

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