JUNE 2023 BOX REVIEW: What MyTreaters Had To Say

JUNE 2023 BOX REVIEW: What MyTreaters Had To Say

The June Winter Wellness Box has been a ray of sunshine for countless MyTreaters within our thriving MyTreat Tribe.

Discover below the glowing feedback from our subscribers about the Winter Wellness Box!

Which Subscription Box Should I Choose?

At MyTreat, we have different types of monthly subscription boxes. Our original Body Box has at least 5 full-sized treats but if you love to explore your treats with your friends and family, the Plus and LUXE boxes have extra treats added in so there is more to share! Or consider gifting them a full Body Box subscription of their own!

🍃Body Box - $38.95 per month
🍃Body Plus Box - $48.95 per month
🍃Body LUXE Box - $58.95 per month

Or... Sign Up For Our NEW Wellness Box

The Wellness Box is sort of an upgraded version of our LUXE Box.

With a minimum $150 value inside each delivery, the Wellness Box brings you the best of the best.

Yes, it comes with a slightly higher price tag of $78 per month (shipping included) but this enables us to source truly unique and exciting treats during these tougher times, ensuring that you always receive an extraordinary box of treats each month. Because you deserve it. Or you know someone who does.

Mark your calendars because we'll be officially launching this fabulous box on 1st July 2023 with close to $300 worth of eco goodies!

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