July's 'Awaken your senses' box

July's 'Awaken your senses' box

So the first word that came to mind when I was creating this box was just 'YUM'. This month's box is all about invigorating your senses while you get excited about your own selfcare. As soon as you open your box, take in a big inhale and get ready to treat yourself inside and out! Featuring all local and incredible NZ brands; Quarterpast, Aotearoad, Arture, Goodbye Ouch and Take a Whiff, each delivering beautiful aromas and tastes that you can enjoy all winter long.

Foot Soak Take  A Whiff

Over the winter months most of us suffer from cold extremities, and sometimes you just need a hot soak to take a break and bring your toes back to life! This month, your feet will be treated to a little luxury with the divine 'Take a Whiff' Foot Soak. We are featuring1 of 5 different scents; Lemon Verbena, Lychee & Guava, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Lavender, and French Pear. Fill up a container with nice hot water, sprinkle in your required amount and let your feet soak away while you take in some big deep long abdominal breathes of your  wonderful aroma.

Quarterpast Fruit Infusions

The delicious Quarterpast Natural Fruit Infusions can be enjoyed hot or cold - however for the cooler months we chose to focus on more warmer flavours and will add some cocktail mixes later in the year. With a multitude of uses you can even use these in baking, desserts, smoothies and cooking! With a high concentration of natural sweeteners and flavours, you can cut back on the unnecessary sugars without compromising on flavour. We are featuring 4 different flavours for the cooler winter months; Black Tea & Peach, Black Tea & Manuka Honey, Black Tea & Apple and Blackcurrant & Honey. Each syrup has a wonderfully fruity, sweet flavour, so you can simply add a dash of syrup to hot water for a nice warm cozy cuppa and with the huge 500ml bottle, you can enjoy again and again.

Arture rose Glow Mist

If you have had the luxury of trying Arture products before you will know all about Arture's luxurious rose scent. The Rose Water Glow Mist going in this month's box is your next holy grail product that will not disappoint! Simply use to spritz the face for a gorgeous hydrated glow with the signature rose scent whenever you need it. This spray not only nourishes and hydrates, it also helps to protect the skin from environmental damages, with the powers of Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Rosehip Oil and Spring Water. Use anytime but especially over makeup for a gorgeous, dewy 'airbrushed' effect, as the ingredients in this beautiful mist will soften your makeup and help it adhere more to your skin. 

We are also including this adorable holographic Pouch from Arture, to keep all your bits and bobs together in your purse! No more having to search for your medication, lip-gloss or hand sanitiser as they can all now be kept away from your phone and other important items in your bag. 

Aotearoad Foot Powder

Next up is the invigorating Peppermint and Manuka Foot Powder from Aotearoad. Sprinkle on feet or in your shoes to help promote healthy feet, absorb any dampness, reduce friction, combat odour and make your feet smell like a peppermint lolly! This one smells so good and is great to sprinkle in your shoes when you get home so they are ready waiting for the next time you get to slip your feet in and enjoy the pepperminty-freshness all day long. 

Goodbye Vanilla BAlm

You are going to absolutely love the GoodBye Ouch Vanilla Balm in this box. Use on any chapped lips, red noses, or dry cracked hands and feet throughout winter for an intensive nourishing hit, with the added bonus of the creamy, delicious vanilla. This vanilla is actually made from Heilala vanilla beans, warmly infused in organic jojoba oil for several weeks to create a true, powerful and real vanilla fragrance, like none I have experienced. The oil is then combined with balanced vegan waxes and oils to make a delicious, sexy and incredibly soothing balm. It glides on like silk and has been an absolute life saver for my son, who seems to love licking his lips in these cooler winter months and since it is not just a lip balm and comes in this funky tin, its easy to keep in the car for before school and actually gets rubbed on as it's not a girl product! 

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