January Restore and Replenish

January Restore and Replenish

If you are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming the new year then this is the MyTreat box for you! Our goal for this month is to restore and replenish you after the holidays and start the new year feeling refreshed and treating your body to some extra nourishment. 

 For your face we have the refreshing and nourishing Goodness face cleanser that will help gently remove excess make up and built up grime without striping your skin and providing lots of antioxidants to offer a soothing clean over the summer. 

Then you can start to introduce your face to your very own Jade roller. Jade rolling steams from ancient Chinese medicine and has so many wonderful benefits by promoting skin circulation and easing muscle tension. Keep you eye out in your MyTreat magazine for instructions on how and when to use this new and exciting addition to your skincare regime. 

The summer months is when your feet are more exposed to the elements and so it makes sense that they would need a little extra TLC. This huge ByNature foot balm is going to last you the year and is made with Peppermint oil, Manuka honey and Aloe Vera so is a vitamin rich balm made to sooth and smooth those dry cracked feet and the peppermint it really refreshing after a day on your feet.

Then to complete your pedicure session we have a range of Morgan Taylor's professional lacquer nail polishes. These polishes are highly saturated with a range of stunning colours and gorgeous shimmers and we are encouraging you to leave your polish a complete surprise and whatever arrives, might get you out of your comfort zone or even try something you would not normally try. 

There is no better time than the new year to introduce you to an exciting new label Karmenism and what better way than with the Karmenism Jasmine body oil. It is so important to hydrate your skin over the summer due to the heat and wiht you being more exposed to the elements, however this luxurious body oil will help to trap in hydration and keep your skin glowing all day long. This Karmenism body oil is plant based, NZ made and completely natural and with a beautiful scent, real petals and lavender stalks in each bottle so you will be able to keep your skin at its best this summer. 

Last, but definitely not least lets nourish your insides while treating your taste buds with these Banana Joe's banana chips from Matakana Superfoods. You will receive one each of the Sweet Thai Chili and the Siracha packets in this months box, full of probiotic cultures to support digestive health and immune function, while being full of flavour and nothing like the banana chips I remember from when I was younger. They really are just as tasty and crispy as potato chips and I am sure you are going to be pleasantly surprised! 

 This is the time to start as you want to finish and commit to making yourself a priority. With all that 2020 bought us, I do believe it has helped us to remember that taking care of yourself, physically, emotionally and mentality is so important and that you can not take care of others when you own cup is empty, so with that in mind we have created some amazing and exciting boxes and themes for the first have of this year and can't wait to send them out to you! 

We get asked often how are we able to fit in so much quality into each and every box and the answer is simple.. it is because of our subscribers. We need the subscribers to be able to keep providing the amazing quality boxes that we do and to get all this value for $38.95 a month plus shipping, what are you waiting for?

The time is now so click here to start treating yourself today.



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