It's official... Mental Health May is here!

It's official... Mental Health May is here!

Mental health may box

Our Mental Health May box has always been super popular, as it features really unique and creative products that are all focused on happiness and positivity! We have been so incredibly excited to release this box, as over the last few months we have been sourcing 6 bright, colourful and beautiful goodies that we knew our treaters would love. Starting with a ByNature sweet orange essential oil to brighten your day, an 100% natural Nudi Point Perfume, a gorgeous mulberry silk Skye Candle & Bodycare Scrunchie, an Ahhh Cosmetics bath bomb (which you know is going to smell incredible!) a Lanocreme Honey Face Mask for your pamper night, an incredibly luxurious Linden Leaves Body Oil and the MyTreat Magazine, which is focused on self care & mental-health. Each of these treats are focused on helping you feel confident, beautiful, positive and ensure you have plenty of opportunity for self care all year! 

ahhh cosmetics bath bomb selfcare

There is something so therapeutic about soaking in a hot tub, especially with an Ahhh bath bomb to delight the senses and nourish the skin. We wanted to create your perfect pamper and self-care night this month, so we just HAD to get in the incredible Ahhh Cosmetics bath bombs! Ahhh cosmetics are notorious for featuring in our boxes with products that smell absolutely DIVINE, and our warehouse already smells insanely good, so you can guarantee that these bombs will make you go “ahhh”. You will receive one of three bath bombs in your box; Ocean Cruz, Manuka Honey and Lavender Love. Each scent is completely unique and absolutely divine, for an invigorating tub experience that you will probably want to use immediately! If you don’t have a bath, save your bomb for an upcoming holiday or motel room and leave it in your bathroom or drawer as a diffuser, until you are ready to use it because it smells that good!

ahh cosmetics bath bombs

Start off each day or end the night by really loving and caring for your skin all over with the wonderful Linden Leaves ‘In Love Again’ Body Oil. Apply the oil to damp skin for gorgeous, hydrated and wonderful smelling skin that will make you feel like a goddess! Enriched with organic rosehip and Avocado oils which are proven to help minimize wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, with a sultry vanilla, sandalwood and strawberry scent that is addictively good. This also works amazing as a deep massage oil or bath oil too, which is just as well, because once you smell this oil, you’ll want to use it for everything! 

linden leaves body oil

A face mask never fails to make you feel pampered and luxurious, so save this Lanocreme face mask for a night dedicated to you. Imagine - It’s raining outside, the diffusers on, you’ve got your gratitude journal ready to go, you have just applied a fresh coat of polish on your nails, and you have a wonderful Manuka Honey infused Face Mask to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. This mask actually plumps and hydrates with the wonderful properties of collagen and Hyaluronic acid, so it will not only give you a lovely pamper experience, but also beautiful skin!

lanocreme face mask

 We couldn't wait to feature the beautiful 100% Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies from Skye Candle and Body Care in this month's box!  When you look great, you feel great, and these beautiful Scrunchies can elevate any hair style, even a lazy bun or ponytail, so even if you’re in a rush, your hair will still look amazing. Mulberry silk has recently become popular in haircare, as it not only protects from damage, but also prevents frizz, is anti-bacterial, and breathable, helping to keep your hair luscious and healthy. There are a few scrunchy colours that we are featuring; black, white, champagne pink, ice blue, lake blue and burgundy, these are all so gorgeous and impossible to decide between, so when your box arrives you will get a colour surprise! 

Aroma plays a huge role in mental health and wellbeing and so we chose this  ByNature Sweet Orange Essential Oil for our Mental Health May Box because Orange Essential Oil has actually  been proven to help with feelings of depression and anxiety, and this scent is so refreshing and versatile! Add liberally to the bath, mop bucket, create a natural multi-purpose spray, or diffuse throughout the room for a vibrant, uplifting, citrusy scent throughout your home. I had this oil diffusing while doing the photos for this month and it was such a refreshing and energizing aroma - great for when you need to keep focused and positive!

Last but not at all least, a Nudi Point Essential Oil Perfume Roll On. In vibrant coloured glass bottles with wooden lids, these are great to keep in your purse, to keep you smelling lovely and feeling confident. We featured these perfumes in our Christmas gift boxes, and after receiving so much great feedback and some subscriber requests, we knew we had to have them in a subscription box, and they worked so perfectly with Mental Health May! Each of these 6 perfumes are completely natural, so you can apply them directly to your skin while you are out and about, knowing you aren’t putting any toxic chemicals or alcohol on your body. Each of these scents are so unique, and once they have settled, bond with your natural fragrance to make something truly special. There are 6 different perfumes options, keep an eye on our social media if you would like to submit your fragrance request!

Mental Health is so incredibly important, and when you’re feeling blue it isn’t as easy to diagnose as a cold or tummy bug! We all lead busy lives, so making opportunities for dedicated time just for you is necessary for a healthy mental wellbeing. Of course, it is so much more fun when you have some exciting treats to look forward to in your selfcare sessions! 


This box is so vibrant and beautiful, you definitely won’t want to miss it! If you aren't signed up yet, sign up here for our Body Box, or here to get all these treats PLUS - 2 pairs of super comfy cotton underwear, and start your selfcare journey with our Mental Health May Box.

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