It's getting warmer! Back To The Wild has got you covered..

It's getting warmer! Back To The Wild has got you covered..

Who feels it?
The sun is slowly starting to make it's way out of hibernation! 
So this month we have added into our Glow boxes the Back To The Wild Sunscreen!
It’s all natural and it will leave you protected from the sun. Nobody wants a lobster glow after a day out and about!

Silky smooth to apply, all-natural and packed with protection, this travel-sized sunscreen is safe for the whole family and full of skin-loving goodness to deeply nourish on every application.

Sonia from Back to the Wild saw a gap in the market for all natural, powerful sunscreen that is kind to even the most sensitive or young skin.
"When my first daughter was born I realised I didn't want to put the regular sunscreen on her precious soft skin, but we were outside tramping often, and it wasn't always possible to cover her up! So I put my science degree to use, and started researching making sunscreen. "

The great thing about this Back To The Wild Sunscreen is:
🍃This sunscreen uses zinc oxide as well as natural oils that naturally provide a barrier from the suns rays.
🍃All ingredients are 100% natural, and organic where possible. This makes this sunscreen safe to use on babies, people with sensitive skin, and anyone who wants to cut down the amount of harmful toxins in their life!
🍃Spreads easily, so a little goes a long way.
🍃Plus, this sunscreen smells divine, and moisturises well too. (An added bonus we think!)
It is included in every October Glow Box. Get your vitamin D hit without the burn! How Good!

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