It all started with a Lemon and a Beaker...

It all started with a Lemon and a Beaker...

This month we are featuring Lemon & Beaker for the third and final time this year, and after receiving a huge surge of amazing reviews for the Deep Foaming Cleanser and Brightening Sheet Masks, we couldn't wait to see what subscribers have to say about this month's Hydrating Rose Toner.

In beautiful pink and gold packaging and a gorgeous frosted pink bottle, it looks as luxurious as it feels. Plus, with a regular retail rate of $49, you know its contents are just as incredible. This toner is to be used following cleansing; to restore and balance the PH of the skin. Pat on the face for an instant boost, and breathe in the wonderful rose water and rose essential oil aroma. Also infused with Kawakawa, Harakeke Leaf, Mamaku Leaf and Kowhai flower extracts that combine to make a powerfully soothing and incredibly hydrating formula. As the last Lemon & Beaker product of the year, and after receiving SO MUCH great feedback from everyone regarding the November Cleanser, you may say we have saved the best for last...

We think it's important to not only showcase these incredible NZ busiensses products, but also telll our subscribers about the person behind the brand and their journey. So we talked to Hannah, the genius behind Lemon & Beaker and asked her a few questions to give you a bit of insight into who she is and her journey.

1. What made you want to start Lemon & Beaker?

"Four years back, I was tired of getting skin reactions to the non-natural skincare so I decided to put my chemistry degree to good use and develop a natural skincare range using the power of botanical ingredients and essential oils.

I blended the antioxidant-rich botanical ingredients with vitamins to deliver a visible skincare result.

My brand Lemon & Beaker was inspired from one of my natural skincare ingredients ‘lemon’, being the nature and ‘beaker’, coming from the science laboratory, both working and existing together when formulating.

I made sure that all of our products are from natural ingredients, packaged in sustainable bottles, providing result-driven improvements to your skin and are cruelty-free, vegan and clean beauty."

2. What has your journey been like?

"My quest was to develop a premium skincare brand at an affordable price.

Research is continuous but from the beginning I invested a lot of time on my formulation and designs of the products that would deliver an experience encompassing sight, sound, smell and touch.

After numerous trials, Lemon & Beaker launched with 6 products in its first year with our Dual-blend Repairing Serum winning the ’Best Serum’ at the Natural New Zealand Awards in 2020.

We are a skincare brand that is always evolving with the latest skincare technology and these advancements of biomimetics and design is in our latest product being the Galvanic Brightening Sheet Mask released early this year."

3. What are your plans for Lemon & Beaker's future?

"We are taking Lemon & Beaker to the rest of the World launching in Europe, USA, and UAE by end of 2021.

Our team is working on new sustainable ingredients and packaging that are better for our planet and we are committed to provide the highest of standards to our consumers and we want to be leading skincare brand that keep seeking the most efficient scientific formulation and technology with natural ingredients from New Zealand.

New product launches for 2022 include a beautiful Rose hand cream and Ageless eye gel and cream."

4. What's your favourite form of selfcare?

"My days are generally action packed, once I am home, my skin needs a full hydration selfcare. So I use Deep-cleansing Foaming Lemon Cleanser twice to fully remove make up and then use cotton pads and Hydrating Rose toner to tone my skin for a minute. Then I sit back and relax with the Brightening Galvanic Sheet Mask to give total rejuvenation and hydration."

5. Tell us a bit about yourself!

"I am originally from Seoul, Korea but completed most of my schooling in Auckland, followed by Auckland University degrees and then post graduate studies in San Francisco and Shanghai. I started my career as a marketing coordinator in Dubai for Bath & Body Works Brand.

My family are all business people so wanting to start my own skincare brand was a natural progression with my inspiration and kind words of encouragement from my mother and sister, Lemon & Beaker was formed. I am very grateful to have such a supportive loving family at my side.

I have been lucky to travel the world and join mission trips to refugee camps to encourage women and children in the Middle East and Africa and this journey will continue throughout my life.

Being outdoors and in touch with nature I find most invigorating, and is my way to revitalization my body as well as relaxing around the house and pampering myself with natural skin care."

6. Do you have any words of wisdom, affirmations or piece of advice you would like to share?

"I feel self-belief is so important for personal growth and with commitment everyone will experience their greatest adventures and change. I love being around people who exert positive energy and who like taking on challenges in their life.

Lemon & Beaker skincare has been an evolving challenging adventure and holds its place as a positive brand in the market where more consumers are demanding natural and clean skincare.

Have the faith in your life journey and don’t give up on your dreams."

See more of Hannah's gorgeous Lemon & Beaker goodies at her website, plus, use the code 30DC at checkout for 30 % off gift sets and mask sets! Perfect for some luxury gits for loved ones this Christmas.

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