Introducing Debbie, aka 'Doll Face'!

Introducing Debbie, aka 'Doll Face'!


In this month's November Empower Me Box we are featuring the gorgeous Doll Face Lipsticks! These lipsticks have  a high pigmentation and a long wearing, silky formula that feels nourishing on the lips. Each subscriber will receive one of 3 colours; Tart, Hepburn and Garland, which are gorgeous summery colours that are versatile for every skin tone.


Created By Debbie, Doll Face is all about supplying you high quality beauty essentials, without the nasties. Each lipstick was made by hand in Lower Hutt by a small team of lovely ladies at the 'Doll Face Beauty Hub'. Free from cruelty, carbine, parabens and nasty ingredients, this lipstick is all-natural. In fact, most Doll Face products are created with all vegan ingredients, other than beeswax. Debbie has been so lovely to work with and we were so excited to showcase her awesome products this month! We think it's important our subscribers not only know what's in their skincare, but whos behind the brand. Most of the brands we source for our boxes are small NZ businesses, who have really interesting back stories that make using their products even more special. With Debbie it was the same, from a 20 years beauty career, to fostering kittens, to making amazing all-natural products, her journey has been really interesting. So, let's introduce you to Debbie, aka 'Doll Face'! 


After a varied journey starting as a nail technician in 1997, Debbie always had a passion for beauty. Debbie qualified as a makeup artist in 2020, where her love of nails and makeup grew. In 2004 Debbie took a break to start a family and 9 years later, she was ready to get back into it! At the time, mineral makeup was the new 'buzz word', so she wanted to try creating a brand based around natural makeup, researching what ingredients were bad and why.

"At this time my daughter was also starting to take an interest in makeup. And being a 6-year old I was conscious of what she was using to play "makeup" with. Normally we give our children our "old" makeup we no longer use."

Debbie eventually sourced a company in America to supply her raw ingredients for her formulas. "I bought my first package, and from there I was hooked!" Debbie says. "It started as a hobby, but soon grew out of control, and I soon had WAY too much makeup! And it was actually really good makeup. So that's when I decided to create my brand. The name Doll Face, was a nickname my husband called me. So it felt right."


Outside of work, Debbie loves gardening and enjoys a binge of a series on Netflix or Neon. Otherwise, Debbie states; "I am lucky in the fact I don't see my job as "work". I love it and love coming to work."


We love asking our suppliers about their favourite self-care ritual, as it helps give us some ideas for our own but also more insight into who they are, plus, that's what we are all about! When asked about her favourite form of self-care, Debbie states; "For me, I need a time out from work, family and just life in general. A good way for me to reset is to curl up in bed and watch a good series. If the sun is shining, I love to spend hours in the garden."

Fun fact about Debbie - along with managing an award winning makeup brand, she fosters kittens! "A few years ago we also took up Fostering for the SPCA.  We mainly foster Bottle baby kittens now.  We currently have 3 kittens that were only 3 days old when we got them!  Once they are old enough to be desexed,  we take them back and they are adopted out.  It is very rewarding!"

Because our box theme this month was about empowerment, we asked Debbie what helps her feel empowered! She stated: "I feel empowered when I can tick off a goal I have achieved. It can be big or small. Get the housework and washing done by 10am! Or as big as creating an award-winning makeup brand! Empowerment comes from within. Set goals, and aim to tick them off.

When we asked Debbie what she has planned for Doll Face in the future, she states: "I am in the process of really refining the brand. Making the switch to sustainable refillable packaging. Creating a new way in the cosmetics industry which currently produces so much plastic waste."

Debbie's words of wisdom; "Always believe in yourself.  If you have a passion, you will find a way to make it work.  Whether that is in business or personal life.  My life motto is "Everything happens for a reason". Things will work out the way they need to.  When I am super stressed out, I say to myself "This too shall pass:.  It helps me to remember that this stressful time will be a thing of the past tomorrow."



Debbie is currently in the process of creating a new palette! The 'Multi Palette' will allow you to pick and choose your favourite shades and build you own palette! No more empty pans of shades you love and full pans of shades you don't wear. "After asking people what a pet peeve was with makeup, we found that it was palettes. You always have a favourite shade, and when it's gone, you have to purchase a full new palette, or it's been discontinued. So we have created a way to Palette Your way!" Once your pan is empty, you can simply buy a refill! with a magnetic bottom, you can mix, match and refill to your liking, plus, it's small square size means it can easily fit in your makeup bag. No more bulky palettes to carry around, with 90% of the shades being ones you don't use!

Options include;

- 4x square eyeshadow (you choose your colour combo)
- 2x Rectangle larger Eyeshadows, or Blush, bronzer, Highlighter
- 2x Eyeshadow pans and 1x bronzer, blush, highlighter or a larger eyeshadow
- 1x large Blush, bronzer or highlighter.


Shop this palette, more lippies or the rest of Debbie's all-natural makeup range for Christmas with a discount from us:

Use the code MYTREAT for 20% off all Doll Face products until the 31st of January 2022!

T's and C's apply.

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