Not only have we found another new amazing New Zealand made brand, we have full sized products to include in every October Glow box! Purify Daily Defence Day creme is made in New Zealand by 'ByNature', if you haven't heard of this brand yet, you are about to! They have launched around the country to fill the gap in the market for really well priced, New Zealand made, natural skin care. These products are not tested on animals, and are free from parabens and harsh chemicals, so they tick all the boxes with us! The By Nature range is extensive, everything from head to toe is covered, and we are so excited to be partnering with them over the next 2 months. First up... the taste tester, their Purify Day Creme is the perfect defence against everything our skin deals with on a daily basis. From pollution in the big cities to the harsh winds and extreme heat that is about to hit all our beautiful regions over the next few months! 

You may have read recently we were on a mission to contact homegrown brands to get our hands on the best skincare New Zealand has to offer. Imagine if we could tell you without bias, what the best NZ made moisturiser for sensitive skin is, or who makes the best eye creme. It can be challenging to please everyone, especially with what is essentially a 'surprise box' of body and beauty products, but I have to say, thanks to great brands like ByNature, we are able to continue to send the best body and beauty box treats, and offer the best value to our customers.

What I love most about the Purify By Nature Day Creme is how instantly it makes my face feel fresher. It is very light to apply, so my initial thoughts were that it would sink in and disappear quickly but its safe to say 30 minutes after application I felt a tightness to my face, and 3 weeks in I am very happy. I also really love the packaging,  we are at a time where we need to think sensibly about how our skincare is purchased and the By Nature packaging is not only cute, and bright, but 100% recyclable. Next time your at your bathroom cupboard, have a quick check of how many bottles, pottles, and jars are environmentally friendly and you will be surprised! 

Purify Day Creme is made with rice protein which is known to improve the skins ability to retain moisture throughout the day. This means it is ideal for dry skin, and the green tea extract helps to also protect oily and sensitive skin from the elements to leave all skin types feeling soft and smooth. It is amazing to find such a good general all round day creme, that is made in NZ, natural and priced affordably... all I can say is those high end skin care brands better up their game in terms of customer value because I think ByNature might just smash it out of the park with this range! 

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